No Poverty

We are providing entrepreneurship skilling programs and training trainers of trainees (TOT’s) in small scale green sustainable business skills in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1: No Poverty.

Affordable & Clean Energy

To achieve SDG 7, affordable and clean energy, we are minimizing the use of Kerosene ”tadooba” in homes by providing Little Sun solar lamps. Additionally, we install solar lighting and provide solar refrigerators. This makes refrigerators more accessible, especially benefiting health centres since they can now have greater amounts of essential vaccines and though reducing early child mortality. We are also doing awareness of solar energy.

Climate Action

We engage with SDG 13, climate action, by tree planting. This way, we have, among others, restored a forest of 67 hectares in Amuria district. Additionally, we have established various tree nurseries and wood lots in multiple districts. All these actions aim to reduce the carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Stove Technologies

Again in line with SDG 7, we construct and provide training for the construction of both domestic and institutional energy saving stoves. By using these up to 60% more efficient stoves, we reduce a major deforestation cause and shrink the carbon footprint by using less firewood.

We were tired of bathing in cold water and wanted to boil it whenever we could, but mum always said to leave the firewood since it’s for cooking food. Now that we have our stove, we shall collect a few pieces of firewood and boil our bathing water.

Nakawiki Flavia

After the institutional stove construction at the school, we started using it as instructed. […] We are no longer affected by heat and smoke and we are now more relaxed. We now cook once a day lunch and supper, dish out lunch and the rest is kept on the stove for supper. This gives us enough time to rest, which wasn’t the case before.


The [little sun] lamp is very good, very bright. In fact, I move with it in my car. One day I attended a funeral in my village. As you know in villages, there is no electricity. I moved in with my lamp and everyone wanted to touch it. I gave it to them to use while serving food, and after it was hung in a central place for everybody to see. The mourners were so amazed by the brightness of such a small lamp, and in their compliments, they were like “the big man has provided light”.

Mr. Nsamba