Monthly Newsletter Oktober 2023

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Monthly Newsletter Oktober 2023

JEEP strives to stop environmental destruction and promote efficient management of natural resources. The newsletter gives a monthly overview of our activities towards this mission. It provides small updates about project activities and gives insights about the events at our Folkecenter itself in the hope that the curious reader finds information worth knowing.

This month at JEEP was all about finding new and innovative ways and strategies. It saw the first-ever installation of energy-efficient LED-lights, which have been tinkered on for some time now, as well as the venturing out into the new realm of health.


Under the CAISL project, JEEP visited its model district Nebbi, to install the first charge of its self-manufactured low-consuming, energy-efficient, and bright LED-lights. By providing a sustainable energy solution to an off-grid school, this will serve to transform livelihoods within the region. Students felt very happy to be able to learn for their exams well after sunset. Because this project is still in the pilot phase, the first installation of course came with many learnings. JEEP is now prepared to further face and overcome formerly unexpected obstacles on its mission to achieve a sustainable management of natural ressources.


Distribution of Health Improving Plants (D-HIP) is the newest venture of JEEP, led by two german volunteers, of which one is at JEEP and the other at the Private Education Development network (PEDN). The goal of D-HIP is to provide sustainable and affordable healthcare in form of locally accessible Artemisia tea to rural communities where conventional methods can’t reach and to combat widespread diseases responsible for a substantial underachievement of potential quality of life as well as economic activity. In particular, the plant in question, Artemisia, has been identified as substantial help against, crucially, Malaria.

JEEP now seeks to utilize its knowledge, infrastructure, and connectedness to raise seedlings and then distribute them as part of the standard JEEP Energy-Hub package. This way, a sustainable, herbal remedy for Artemisia can reach even the farthest of regions. To ensure faithful treatment, usage, and business with Artemisia, the project draws from the rich teaching skills of PEDN. PEDN has long been at the forefront of education for sustainable development and can especially contribute to the project with its distinguished life-lessons, including financial literacy.