This Month at JEEP – 06.2022

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This Month at JEEP – 06.2022

The wheel of time turns, and newsletters come with it. Today, another newsletter detailing another month full of action arrives.

Beginning the month with a trip to Zombo, we (Sylivia, Dianah, Brian and Winnie) trained people in financial literacy as part of the Environmental Education Project (ECO-PESA). These groups will later be responsible for the successful running of 4 energy hubs. They will provide environment-friendly innovative technologies to the local population.

We were especially active in Adjumani, where Zeus, Tonny, Derrick and Kirian held, together with our local field staff, several energy hub exhibitions as part of the Response to increased environmental degradation and promotion of alternative energy technologies in refugee hosting districts (RED) project. These aimed at sensitizing the local communities to the use of more sustainable and energy efficient solutions, ranging from fireless cooking baskets and the use of briquettes made from charcoal dust (a waste material) to solar power and mobile solar lamps. For the final exhibition, Sylivia and Prossy joined us as well. This one included a march through the city and a joint exhibition with Biogas Solutions Ltd., Eco stove and CREEC.

We continued being on several exhibitions, one of them on World Refugee Day with support from EUTF under the RED project, joined the world in celebrating this day and promoted the use of alternative energy technologies to commonly used environmentally unfriendly technologies.

As part of RED Project, we additionally held a community dialogue activity in Adjumani with the aim of increasing the proportion of the people with knowledge about energy efficient products and environmentally more sustainable solutions. More specifically, we introduced alternative cooking technologies among the communities in Alere Refugee Settlement and Ciforo Sub-County. We held these dialogues by mobilizing project-specific community structures and existing community structures such as conflict resolution committees to support main-streaming of environmentally friendly practices into on-going interventions in refugee and host communities.

In the meantime, Zeus went – with some support – to Zombo to further our stationary energy hubs and install the accompanying solar systems. (The mobile hubs mentioned earlier.)

All the while, our welcome interns learned about JEEP and it’s activities and supported us. They got introduced in the different enterprise activities JEEP does and worked, among others on a work plan for JEEP, focussing on the future.

Furthermore, after 3 exciting years, project EASE-CA now comes to a successful end.

We are also on a joint venture with PEDN. This project, “Green Ambassadors in Schools” aims to teach children some small enterprise skills, like producing a product and learning how to sell it. More specifically, JEEP trains the various classes in how to produce liquid and herbal bathing soap, while PEDN provides a financial literacy bootcamp.

To round everything up, Tonny, Pius, Rehma, Derrick and Kirian went to the Saint John Secondary School in Kyotera District as part of an invitation of the school to spread some knowledge about JEEP itself and the environment/environmental issues and challenges. We rounded it of by planting trees as a reminder of our goals.