This Month at JEEP – 05.2022

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This Month at JEEP – 05.2022

Yet another monthly newsletter! This month was packed full with various activities.

While Brian and Winnie, our field staff in Zombo were busy executing another hay basket training, we had the pleasure to welcome the Ugandan commissioner of renewable energies from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. We had a very productive meeting in which we presented some current states of projects and discussed possibilities to upscale these projects even further with the support of his department! He would like to bring us in contact with various donors and invited us to the Renewable Energy Conference in November.

Back in the different districts – Adjumani in this case – Prossie, Dianah and Paul were implementing a financial literacy training with the help of Jolly and Crispus, our local field staff. This training should show local people and communities how to responsibly run a small business and manage money influx and expenses.

Zeus meanwhile further focussed on the completion of energy hubs in Zombo. They will be small shops for local communities that spread renewable energy sources and similar. At the same time, they provide means of generating some income for the local groups that will run these energy shops.

A lot of these activities are part of Eco-Pesa, a project sponsored by Cooperaid. In this scope, we were happy to recently welcome Nicole, from Cooperaid, at JEEP. we first met her in Zombo, were she could make herself a brief overview about the status of implementation, aka energy saving stoves, hay baskets,… and afterwards spend a day at the JEEP Folkecenter were we held a meeting to discuss everything concerning the project. The next day we got in touch with Daniel and Claudia. They are running the NJUBA Children Relief, which might be best described as a combination of a primary school, a kindergarten and social activities involving women groups (e.g. introducing bee keeping and selling the honey) and similar furthering the living conditions of communities,… In this scope, Daniel is currently working on prototypes for solar cookers, working directly with sunlight, which is ideal from an energy perspective and also why we visited them. We are happy to keep in contact and exchange the different ideas and ways we further the environment.

Last but not least; we are proud to say that we we also talking on CBS radio: 88.8 Mhz. The program focusses on Energy & agriculture and involves poliiticans, NGOs, the Ministries,… talking about different topic in relation to Energy & agriculture. Do chime in, it takes place from 10:30 to 12:00, each Monday!