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CAISL Success Stories

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Apio Comfort

Apio Comfort a 22year old youth from Acwera Forest Village, Olago Parish Padwot sub county is proud to show off her rocket Lorena energy saving stove that she constructed for herself after being trained by JEEP. After using the stove for a month, Apio says she hasn’t registered any challenges using the stove as yet. She only boasts of the benefits she has got from using this energy technology. She says, “It cooks very fast and saves time, consumes less firewood, I only went looking for firewood twice ever since I started using this energy technology, my kitchen is always clean without smoke and I feel so safe in it with my baby.” Apio said. She has trained 5 of her neighbors on how to construct the energy saving stoves and she also keeps on sensitizing her visitors about the cook stove because she desires all to start using the stoves to save on fuel and time.

Collet Falal

Collet Falal a 35 years old resident of Anjat East village, P`Olum North Parish, Acana sub county. Before the CAISL intervention, we were using the three stone cook stove which used to consume a lot of firewood while emitting a lot of smoke. The too much smoke used to make cooking so inconveniencing for most of my family members. In September 2023, my husband was selected to be among the beneficiaries to be trained in construction of energy technologies. After the training, my husband together with my son constructed for us an energy saving stove. She says, “I have so far used my stove once from the time it was constructed but the stove cooks very fast and emits little to no smoke compared to the 3-stone cook stove”.

Ocircan Narsis

Ocircan Narsis a 49 years old male who hails from Acana village, Pagwata South parish, Acana sub county was privileged to be among the people trained in constructing the Rocket Lorena and the Shielded stove at Acana sub county. Upon being trained by JEEP ToT, he took it upon himself to make the stoves. He constructed both the Rocket Lorena and shielded stoves though not yet dry. He says, “Many neighbors admired the cook stoves and want it to be constructed for them. Mr Narsis further added; firewood is scarce and costly to buy and having this kind of energy saving technology is a blessing. He expressed so much gratitude to JEEP”.

Giramia Janet

Giramia Janet, a 28-year-old resident of Koch Central village, Koch parish, Nebbi sub county got training on how to make a fireless basket cooker. She has made one basket for her family and she currently has a group of her fellow youths she intends to train. Janet says, “The fireless basket cooker has done wonders in my marriage because it keeps food hot for along period of time and these days I nolonger suffer lighting stove all the time to warm food for my household. My husband is now a fireless basket cooker advocate. Many of my village mates are farmers who have no time sitting home to prepare food, they are happy that a solution has been got for them on how to keep food warm as well cooking which is not time consuming.”