Monthly Newsletter November 2023

JEEP news newsletter

Monthly Newsletter November 2023

JEEP strives to stop environmental destruction and promote efficient management of natural resources. The newsletter gives a monthly overview of our activities towards this mission. It provides small updates about project activities and gives insights about the events at our Folkecenter itself in the hope that the curious reader finds information worth knowing.


This month, JEEP’s Climate Action for Improved and Sustainable Livelihoods (CAISL) resumed as planned. JEEP field officers successfully conducted TOT’s in construction of energy-saving stoves, training a total of 110 beneficiaries (58W, 52M). They reached a total of 11 sub-counties and town-councils, advancing JEEP’s mission to make Nebbi a model-district in climate mitigation, resilience, and advocacy. To this end, JEEP utilized the TOT’s conducted in the former project EASE&CA. The motivation of these trainers is also a proove of the sustainability of JEEP’s interventions.

National Renewable Energy Conference & Expo

JEEP was honored to be invited to the National Renewable Energy Conference and Expo. A delegation of JEEP exhibited the whole JEEP package, including energy-saving stoves, fireless cooking baskets, brickets, soap, vaseline, JEEP’s activities, and the newest LED-lights. Visitors took great interest into JEEP’s stand, especially the fireless cooking baskets were greatly asked about. Except for the Expo, the conference was also a venue for productive talks and discussions about the future of renewable energy. To that end, JEEP CEO Ruth Kiwanuka also took part in a panel discussion on sustainable cooking energy.

Solar Cooking

JEEP is currently collecting field data on solar cooking, using a 400 Watts pair of solar panels and an ordinary rice cooker. The point is to investigate and understand cooking hours, boiling time, etc., with regards to the weather. Contrary to common knowledge, solar panels can even workin rain or when its very cloudy. The goal of this data collection is to better understand these time-weather relations. The solar cooker could be a useful and clean opportunity to deal with an everyday task. Moreover, while needing a significant investment to start, in the long run, it will save a lot of money.