Monthly Newsletter September 2023

JEEP news newsletter

Monthly Newsletter September 2023

JEEP strives to stop environmental destruction and promote efficient management of natural resources. The newsletter gives a monthly overview of our activities towards this mission. It provides small updates about project activities and gives insights about the events at our Folkecenter itself in the hope that the curious reader finds information worth knowing.


JEEP this month had one of its biggest events so far: The “Transition to Energy Sustainable Solutions” Expo. Here, a number of activists, decision-makers and stakeholders came together to discuss what’s next for sustainable energy use. The approach of this Expo was multidimensional in nature, as JEEP tried to strike a balance between government official as well as civil society activists and social entepreneurs. Further, the Expo also included non-conventional solutions for sustainable energy use, such as sustainable water purification and education for sustainable development.

On the second day of the Expo, JEEP together with Katonda Afayo organized a tree planting event, to make sure TESS didn’t only bear intellectual, but also practical fruits. As result, the Grace Highschool in Kasangati soon will have 40 trees ready to provide shade and quality air for eager students.


Climate Action for Improved and Sustainable Livelihoods (CAISL) has come a long way since its start. At the start of September, JEEP conducted two Energy Hubs. Energy Hubs are the focal points for rural communities to learn about and acquire environmental friendly solutions, such as efficient stoves. Following the advocacy for sustainable solutions, the gathered masses were eager to not only acquire those, but for the trainings in making them to start. To advance green enterprising and sustainable use of ressources through the entire Nebbi district, JEEP also conducted community drives. Field officers drove through the district with a developed radio spot message, stopping at major places. This helped to spread and create awareness about CAISL’s plan to make Nebbi a JEEP model district in climate mitigation measures and built-up community resilience, accesibility to environmentally friendly solutions and advocacy skills.

Supporting Innovation in Youth

JEEP supported a highschool student taking part in a UNICEF innovative youth competition. Motivated by the tragedy of carbonmonoxide poisoning when cooking with coal/wood inside ones home, the student designed a stove with build-in filter. The smoke is ensured to only escape through the filter by a build-in solar-powered fan. JEEP built that stove for him.

Coming Up

JEEP is currently, in close collaboration with Nordic Folkecenter, working on an affordable lighting solution for offgrid schools. To that end, JEEP technicians are building and testing lamps made out of a number of small LEDs, which can be powered by a simple powerbank. This comes with two advantages: First, a powerbank is easily chargeable by a small solar cell. Second, using this solution is far cheaper than installing a full solar system plus battery. JEEP will install these lamps in the middle of October.

Join us in our quest to become a greener planet! Thanks for tuning in, until next time.