Monthly Newsletter November 2022

JEEP news newsletter

Monthly Newsletter November 2022

JEEP strives to stop environmental destruction and promote efficient management of natural resources. The newsletter gives a monthly overview of our activities towards this mission. It provides small updates about project activities and gives insights about the events at our Folkecenter itself in the hope that the curious reader finds information worth knowing.


As part of the ECO-PESA project, the headquarter team of JEEP administered follow-ups in Atyak and Paidha Sub-county. They monitored the day-to-day running of the energy hubs, assessed the management of tree nursery establishments, observed the growth of green enterprises in schools, etc. Together with the local communities and artisans, JEEP staff discussed the bookkeeping of the energy hub artisans, elaborated how and where to access local materials for herbal soap making and followed up on the various constructed energy saving stoves.

RED project

As part of the RED project, JEEP executed another energy hub exhibition in Adjumani District. They serve to ensure access to and increase demand for clean and affordable energy in homes, schools, hospitals, and trading centers by displaying and raising awareness for energy-efficient and environment friendly alternatives to essential household and community utilities. Specifically, we held a community drive where we raised awareness of the upcoming energy hub exhibition, conducted cooking demonstration for energy efficient stoves heat retaining hay baskets, ethanol stoves, electric pressure cookers, etc. The energy hub exhibition was accompanied by the private sector, which helped raising the variety of products in line with our goals.

Two friendly football matches with the local community concluded the energy hub exhibition in a beautiful way.


Beginning of November, we were also invited to the Renewable Energy Conference 2022 (REC22) and Expo in Kampala. JEEP was delighted to display their values, goals and show the general public alternative and more efficient ways to use resources. This included more efficient cooking stoves, solar cells, solar lamps, home-made cosmetics, etc. A huge thank you to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development Uganda for inviting us!

JEEP wishes you Merry Green Christmas. We hope you arrive in the new year with motivation and positivity and wish you a great start into it. Until next time.