Partner With Us

Donor Agency

As a donor, work with us to support your implementing partners in promoting environmental conservation, capacity building and innovative research and data management on climate change. You can also make a donation to promote JEEP’s vital work in ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.


As a Civil Society Organisation (CSO), work with us to support you in. environmental conservation through trainings, consultancies, research and other services.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporations play a leading role in fostering JEEP’s vital work. Partner with us by sponsoring an event like energy saving stove trainings, retreats and workshops. Support our research endeavours to generate key findings about various research schemes. Partner with our membership program to equip our members with practical environmental conservation skills and other employability skills.


JEEP is always looking for volunteers to help with technical, environmental and agricultural projects, training, and much more. We are looking for local and international volunteers to make our vision of a green, safe and sustainable Uganda a reality. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting JEEP.


We have worked and continue to work together with a long list of excelling partners: