Today, over 90% of the national energy demand in Uganda is wood fuel, either as firewood or charcoal, creating unsustainable removal of our tree cover. Only 5% or less Ugandans have access to electricity. What steps will you take to address the wood fuel crisis in Uganda?

Kaveera (plastic bags)

Kaveera is littered everywhere; in trenches, garbage heaps and every part of Uganda. NEMA has no control over imported Kaveera and there are no clear clean-up schemes. How are you going to address this growing health hazard?


Wetlands are a major source of water for Ugandans. About 75% of Kampala’s wetland area has been significantly affected by human activity and developers. What plans do you have to stop wetland loss and degradation?

Forestry Conservation

Forest which previously covered about 45% of Uganda’s land area have shrunk to 20.3%. What initiatives are you going to take to save Uganda’s forests?

Environment vs. Development

Industrial development is promoted at the expense of the environment, with poverty as the primary reason. How do you plan to fight poverty without endangering the environment