Study tour for Seniors Without Borders (SWB)

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Study tour for Seniors Without Borders (SWB)








Seniors Without Borders (SWB) from Denmark under the leadership of Poul Kroijer visited Joint Energy and Environment Project on the 31 August 2014, thereafter proceeded to Mount Elgon area led by Paul Muganga from JEEP for a study tour during the first week of September.

The study tour was significant for new members of SWB to learn about the past projects that SWB had executed in the Mt. Elgon region and Budaka. These past joint projects included: solar panel installation with a charging station for mobile phones, construction of energy saving stoves, briquettes production, tree planting and tree nursery establishment.The Danish team had also planned to visit Moroto, however, due to the heavy rains then and poor roads, the plan was postponed for the future.The team had time to prepare for two new projects: Environmental Awareness project which will take place in seven districts and a water garden stuff project in Budaka and Sipi.

The participants were enthusiastic about the field trip and expressed high praise for JEEP for its environmental work in Uganda.

Several of the participants were sure that it would not be long before they were back in Uganda.

Poul Kroijer




Study tour for new members of SWB in Mt. Elgon region and Budaka







SWB visiting tree nurseries – Budaka