Visiting German Expert - Insect Project at JEEP

Dr. Ulrich Schmidt, a German expert in entomology, arrived in Kampala on Wednesday, 20.08.2014, to support JEEP in the project concerning the establishment of an insect museum for the education of the Ugandan natives about harmful and harmless insects and the management of harmonious human life with insects. Why insects? These living organisms are part of the biodiversity and influence the life of the people in a massive way and the knowledge and behavior of insects is low.

The expert compiled useful information about the insect project and the planned “insect” museum based at Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) Kampala, which is in the preparation process as the Uganda Mobile Museum (UMM) to reach a mammoth community. This mobility will ensure that the exhibitions are more flexible, effective and carried out in a larger region where residents live, in villages, schools, health centers and other institutions unlike a “normal” museum. During the exhibition, children will participate in the insect collection as way of getting in touch with nature and learning in what Dr. Schmidt referred to as “Edutainment”.

Dr. Schmidt in Bugiri, Bogasa - a region where many people are affected by jiggers and other insects. The expert traveled to assess the current situation and to talk to the representatives of the village.

In future, JEEP will conduct a training on how to live and prevent harmful jiggers in these communities.