First Impression!

My name is Monika Hellenthal and I will work at JEEP as a volunteer for one year. Due to my studies of Renewable Energies, I have knowledge about energy and environmental projects which i am now contributing toward JEEP projects.

During my studies, I specialized on biogas and worked for one year in Peru (South America), with a small scale biogas installation, so I was pleased to see that JEEP has its own biogas plant and is planning to research and implement more in the field of biogas.

 I was really excited to come here for the first time to see the staff, office and compound of JEEP and to get to know the different projects and activities.

Monika Hellenthal , A volunteer from Germany working with JEEP

I arrived in the beginning of August at the airport in Entebbe and spent the first week together with the other German volunteers, who are now working on different projects wide-spread across Uganda. When we arrived at JEEP, I was really happy to see that there are still some areas of nature and silence left in Kampala. I felt comfortable from the first step I took at the site of JEEP.

Together with the other volunteers we did a tour around the JEEP property and it was amazing to see in how many different activities JEEP is involved. There are growing many useful plants, like for alimentation or medical purposes. Besides the plants, they dispose of differently designed energy saving stoves made out of clay. There are trainings held to show how to build your own stove that helps the rural inhabitants to save firewood and charcoal.

Monika touring the center and assessing the Bio gas plant at JEEP

Monika and all the new volunteers from Artefact - Germany visited JEEP on 13.08.2014. Their tour involved learning about renewable energy technologies and sources.

I am looking forward to working together with JEEP during my stay in Uganda and I am sure it will be an exciting experience!