Earth Friendly Energy Tour by Women Groups at JEEP

Bishop Hannington Mutebi, JEEP Board member invited seventy one women from Kampala Dioceses Church of Uganda and on 12th July 2014, JEEP organized a demonstration tour for these visitors who learned about renewable energy sources and technologies some of which: energy saving stoves like for household and institutions Shielded stoves, Rocket Lorena stoves has two saucepan seats (mud stove which cooks 2 pot holes), Parabolic solar stove, Mwoto stove, Sarai cooker.

The groups of women visitors were enthusiastic to know that the JEEP office is powered by an earth friendly energy – solar and diverse solar technologies were displayed for them to see like the solar little sun, sunking pro, sunking solo, hay basket, bottle house made out of plastic bottles and soap making project.

JEEP believes that when a girl or woman is educated, then a whole nation is educated, therefore motivating women to kick out kerosene (a health pollutant hazard to women and children who spend long hours cooking with firewood) out of their households and switch to the earth – friendly solar energy was a tremendous success during this demonstration tour. JEEP appreciates all the Board members and a heartfelt gratitude to Bishop Hannington for this approach – keep going!

The groups of women visitors learning about bio gas as an alternative renewable energy that they could switch to.

JEEP staff elaborating how the bio gas is produced

Reuse Reduce and Recycle is the environmental protection message being passed on from the JEEP staff to the women visitors to ensure they reuse or recycle wastes in their communities like displayed baskets made from plastics materials