JEEP Partners at the Folkecenter

The CEO - Ruth N. Kiwanuka and JEEP team welcomed our partners to the folkecenter - Poul Krøijer from Senior without Borders & Kirsten Arup from Merkur Bank. Poul and Kirsten applauded the team spirit of the team. They appreciated  the projects that JEEP is carrying out in the grassroots communities and they recommended that the organization extends her wings to reach more communities.

Ruth elaborated about the progress of JEEP activities, projects and success stories captured from the grassroots communities. Merkur Bank in Denmark has partnered with JEEP to promote solar energy and energy saving stoves in schools. Thank you Kirsten and the Merkur Bank family in Denmark!

Staff meet Poul and Kirsten at the JEEP folkecenter in Uganda

During the meeting more emphasis was put on renewable energy sources and technologies in Uganda; Energy Saving Stoves, Solar installations in schools, tree planting and creating energy using agricultural wastes - Biomass

Poul from Seniors Without Borders - Denmark & Ruth Kiwanuka - CEO in a planning meeting which took place in January 22 2014 at JEEP offices

In 2011, Seniors Without Borders (SWB) donated 6 solar panel systems to 6 schools in Kapchorwa, Sironko & Mbale. SWB is still in strong partnership with JEEP to reach more communities with renewable energy sources and technologies.Thank you Poul & the SWB family in Denmark. We appreciate!