JEEP Board Meeting

Environmental NGO in Uganda

JEEP Board Meeting

The CEO – Ruth N. Kiwanuka welcomed the Board and expressed her gratitude to all the members of the board. She thanked staff for their commitment and for the awesome work done over the years despite the pressures and challenges each person encountered. The meeting was held at JEEP head office on Friday 20th December 2013.

Board and staff meeting held on the 20th December 2013 at JEEP head office

Ruth elaborated about the progress of JEEP activities, projects and success stories captured from the grassroots communities.

During the Board meeting, Dr. Maria Bawubya who chaired the meeting thanked staff for their efforts and she also encouraged staff to think constructively about the aspect of sustainability after the 4 year KALBREMICC project phases out.

JEEP Board members, staff and a close friend Robert Ddamulira from World Wide Fund for Nature Uganda in a group photo