Solar Dialogue

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Solar Dialogue

Ruth (CEO) encounters a delighted village resident in Butambala – Mpigi district during the solar lamp distribution – Lighting Africa project and she was impressed with the testimony of this man.

“My dialogue with this resident inspired me as I walked away laughing.”

Man: Madam, how are you? One village resident greeted me with a very big smile and remarked that ‘Let JEEP live for a hundred years’

Ruth: why?

Man: ‘With a solar lamp, I’m like a king’

Ruth: Why is this so I inquired further?

Man: ‘because I no longer ask money for paraffin’

Ruth: Doesn’t a king also need it?

Man: Who could ask for it, the queen or who? I would like you to know that I got rid of kerosene lamps (tadobas) we have been using at home for lighting!