Karamoja Project

Joint Energy and Environment Project (JEEP) in partnership with Food Agricultural organization (FAO) have laid down a plan to train Karimojong people who live in the North Eastern region of Uganda how to make energy saving stoves, tree planting and making live fences for their traditional houses locally referred to as ‘Manyatta’

Prior to the plan, JEEP staff (Ruth and Kevine) went on a familiarization tour to Karamoja with FAO staff in September 29th – 1st October, 2013.

Through this strategic sustainable partnership, the goal of JEEP and FAO is to enlighten the Karimojong communities on the importance of food crop cultivation and environmental conservation techniques with funding support from FAO.


Ice breaker moment!


Ruth interacting with the Karimojong women to prepare ground for environmental awareness and conservation. In the background, traditional Karimojong huts - Manyatta with a woody fenced around the homestead.