TRAction Project up dates

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TRAction Project up dates

JEEP together with PATH organized quarterly   team review meetings on 20th and 21st of March 2013. These meetings were attended by Village Health Team Volunteers and Sales Agents from all parishes in Kira Town Council and Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County.

JEEP conducted a community demonstration on 26th /03/2013 in Kireka C Kira Town Council. It was attended by community members, Representatives from PATH Washington, USAID and University Research Council Washington.

A consultation meeting between representatives, Village Health Team Volunteers and Sales Agents from Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County. It took place on 27th /03/2013 at Bunamwaya Health Center II.

The team visited one of the stove users in Massajja parish Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County. Mrs Nansaba Anifa is so happy about mwoto stove “I love mwoto stove so much because it cooks so fast and it makes charcoal”.

she also said that, Mwoto stove has enabled her to save 2,000/= every day. She was buying  firewood for 3,000/= every day before buying mwoto stove. These days she only spend 1,000/= on firewood. She has been using Mwoto stove  since September 2012.


The team also visited Mr. Mukasa Albert one of the sales agents at the same time fire wood seller in Seguku Parish Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County on 27th/03/2013. He enjoys cutting firewood used in Mwoto stove, He sales firewood at his place and other places as he moves on in his car.


JEEP is continuing with community demonstrations from 08/04/2013 in Ssabagabo Makindye sub county and Kirea Town Council.