Local electricians training – 20th March 2013

JEEP has finalized the training of new solar local electricians from 3 districts. These districts include Arua, Amuria and Kasese. The participants were introduced to solar energy as well as management and maintenance of these systems. Emphasis was placed on the role of the local electricians to manage and maintain the solar systems at their respective schools

The workshop was opened by Ruth N Kiwanuka the CEO who emphasized the role of local electricians in ensuring the sustainability of the solar systems.

The training course was conducted by the JEEP engineer and information officer. The topics covered included introduction to solar energy, management and maintenance of solar systems, trouble shooting, Dos and Don’ts and the roles of local electricians. Practical demonstrations were used to enable participants better understand topics that were discussed. Hand outs were given to participants to enable them read further about solar energy

Participants were given tool boxes to enable then carry out the assigned tasks

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