Refresher training of Contact persons

JEEP conducted a refresher training of Contact persons on 13th/03/2013. They received training on financial management, record keeping, profit & loss, income &expenditure, savings, costing & pricing, selling on credit and how to make business successful in the Tree & Solar planting project and other projects of JEEP.

They were encouraged to perform to their best in regards to their roles as contact person which are;

  • Educating the people about JEEP activities,
  •  The importance why everybody should implement.
  •  Monitoring of JEEP project progress and the need to communicate to JEEP.
  • Be innovative to improve on what you have already.
  • Keep records and help where necessary.
  • Always be informed so as to share all with JEEP.
  • Use all avenues to educate people in your area about JEEP activities and be an example to them.


At the end of this training, Contact persons requested for permission from JEEP to go for  talk shows at their  Local radios since most of the areas now have local radios. Some  participants have been invited already to talk about JEEP activities.

This permission was granted and they were equipped with all the necessary  information to be passed on to the listeners.