JEEP & ENVenture energy saving shop

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JEEP & ENVenture energy saving shop

Beginning in 2007, when JEEP’s staff received a solar training by experts of the Nordic folkecenter and Mali folkecenter, JEEP’s solar projects in Uganda have been highly successful. One of the first villages to be included in one of those projects was Wabutungulu in Luwero District. A solar run phone charging shop for the local community opened its gates in 2008 and will now be turned into an energy saving shop using an elaborated business concept.

The Story

JEEP installing the solar system on the energy shop

Since the solar phone charging shop funded by the Danish government was opened in March, 2008 the residents of Wabutungulu have had access to clean electricity. By implementing JEEP’s business model many profits made from the shop will be going to the local community giving it the possibility to invest into further clean energy projects. For example, in 2008, Wabutungulu community purchased flood lights run by solar power for the market place replacing many kerosene lamps and, thus, saving money and improving health conditions. An analysis by the World Bank estimates that breathing kerosene fumes from an indoor lamp is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Right now there are 30 to 40 customers a day coming to the phone charging shop to charge phones or batteries.

The New Shop

On Monday, Mar 4th the expansion of the already existing shop was performed introducing different clean energy products. For JEEP’s partner ENVenture it is the very first model project of this kind and we would like it to be a practical example for other project ideas. Since most people in Uganda live in the countryside without decent access to clean energy products that can only be purchased in the country’s capital Kampala, JEEP and ENVenture aim to offer those products without customers having to travel far. They include:

·         Solar lamps

·         Energy saving stoves

·         Water filter

·         Cooking baskets

·         Briquettes

The first steps towards a clean and healthy environment in Wabutungulu have been made: After working together with ENVenture’s Aneri Patel we have received a loan and have now opened the shop. Flyers were distributed among residents and demonstrations have convinced and amazed people. Everybody is warmly welcoming the shop and the products, thanking JEEP and ENVenture for the new possibility to engage in clean energies.

Product training on the opening day



Up date

News by September 2013

In the month of September we have seen a progress in JEEP’s ENVenture Shop which sells energy saving products to the residents of Wabutungulu Luweero district.

More Community awareness meetings and meeting schools for awareness has been done by the marketing person. There has been more sales in the month because the season has started.  We hope to increase sales in the coming months in order to pay back the loan.