JEEP paid a visit to the Royal palace of the Rwenzururu kingdom. The meeting was aimed at seeking the kingdom support on the dissemination of improved cook stoves in Kasese as well as the Access to Clean energy initiative. The meeting was attended by teams from JEEP, WWF and the Prime minister’s office from the Obusinga Bwa Rwezururu

The JEEP team led by the CEO gave an overview of the JEEP activities and the energy saving stove training in Kasese.  Vian Musika, from WWF gave an overview on the Access to Clean Energy project.

Her Royal highness the Queen, thanked the teams for coming to Kasese and doing the great work. She pleaded her support to the program

His Royal highness the king, also thanked the teams for the work done and pledged kingdom support to the program

The CEO of JEEP thanked the King and the Queen for being so supportive to the Program and also thanked the Prime minister’s office for the cooperation

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