Joint Energy and Environment Project (JEEP) in partnership with Food Agricultural organization (FAO) have laid down a plan to train Karimojong people who live in the North Eastern region of Uganda how to make energy saving stoves, tree planting and making live fences for their traditional houses locally referred to as ‘Manyatta’

Prior to the plan, JEEP staff (Ruth and Kevine) went on a familiarization tour to Karamoja with FAO staff in September 29th – 1st October, 2013.

On the 29th of August 2013 2 JEEP staff Rachael and Edna traveled to Bukoba District in Tanzania to follow up and assess energy saving stove project. A refresher course on energy saving stoves was done to equip the SAREPTA members with advanced skills. The members were also equipped with skills in tree nursery establishment and management.

Ruth (CEO) encounters a delighted village resident in Butambala – Mpigi district during the solar lamp distribution – Lighting Africa project and she was impressed with the testimony of this man.

From the 24th to 28th of September was “Energy Week” at the National Theater in Kampala. That is an exhibition of many organisations and companies which are involved in energy saving solutions. Of course JEEP was also represented there with a stand where we showed our products. I would say, that we had the most varied items, like solar lamps, stoves, basket cookers, filtering systems but also soap. During every day the organisations could present themselves and so we also talked about our field work and trainings. Most of the other stands were only focused on one topic, but there were also stands of the German organisation “GIZ” which showed the results of deforestation and how energy can be saved. It was shown with some models and experiments they normally show in schools.

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