Through KAL Project – Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for the Benefits of Renewable Energy and Mitigating Climate Change, the organization procured a Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop Station Wagon 4WD, on the 31 January 2014, to facilitate JEEP projects in distant communities with challenging terrains.

The CEO – Ruth N. Kiwanuka welcomed the Board and expressed her gratitude to all the members of the board. She thanked staff for their commitment and for the awesome work done over the years despite the pressures and challenges each person encountered. The meeting was held at JEEP head office on Friday 20th December 2013.

Update May 2015

Members of Parliament seminar on KAL Project

Members of parliament from the district where KAL project is carried out together with the members of Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change (PFCC) were invited. However, a big number of them did not turn up due to many committees which were sitting at the same time. We were also told that others were back having campaigning for the coming elections. Still, the few expressed their challenges and also showed interest in JEEP’s project as it’s one of the ways their constituency could develop, some of them expect too much from JEEP. We also told them that their people expect a lot from them, both assumptions caused a serious debate! At least there was a consensus that JEEP and MPs have to work together in the advocacy work on Environmental Issues.

Joint Energy and Environment Projects hosted local media houses in Uganda on the 9th December 2013 by carrying out the Media Awareness Learning Tour at the demonstration center with the goal of Educating, Communicating and providing Information to spread extensively to diverse audiences within and without Uganda.

JEEP successfully implemented the awareness initiative where 17 people from the media; (Newspapers, Radio, TV) attended and participated

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