JEEP continues to offer the right solutions to the energy

demand in Kasese Champion District

Joint Energy and Environment Project Uganda successfully completed installation of a Solar micro grid in Kayanja  Nyakiyumbu Subcounty Kasese district. The project was spear headed by System Teknik A/S Denmark supported by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Access 2 innovation, Remergy Energy Solutions and Rural Electrification Agency. JEEP mainly did all power distribution and house hold installations. 88 households have been connected to power lines including a hotel and a video hall. Monthly payments are charged from each household depending on power consumed.

JEEPERS welcomed passionate students from schools Vestbjerg Skole and Fårevejle Efterskole (Denmark) on the 6th March 2014. The students toured JEEP folkecenter to learn about environmental conservation; renewable energy technology sources, solar PV installations, solar heater, bottle house (house constructed with plastic bottles), biogas demonstration plant, herbal gardens, diverse tree species. Danish team experienced what it is to be Ugandan with regard to culture in the central region of Uganda.

From the 20th-22nd January 2014, JEEP carried out 2 awareness and training sessions in the districts of Bududa, Kapchorwa and Budaka. This training aimed at creating awareness on the effects of climate change and the depleting forest cover resulting from cutting down of trees for wood and charcoal fuel.

Well, the use of briquettes as an alternative to wood fuel would serve to reduce the pressure on green cover especially trees since they are made from locally available biomass materials such as coffee husks, wood shavings, sticks, shrubs, grasses and agricultural plant remains.

The CEO – Ruth N. Kiwanuka and JEEP team welcomed our partners to the folkecenter – Poul Krøijer from Senior without Borders & Kirsten Arup from Merkur Bank. Poul and Kirsten applauded the team spirit of the team. They appreciated  the projects that JEEP is carrying out in the grassroots communities and they recommended that the organization extends her wings to reach more communities.

Implementation of environmental management activities in the Karamoja region

In light of the twin problems of climate change and environmental degradation with an effort to increase the adaptive capacity of the vulnerable communities to mitigate droughts/floods, FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in collaboration with JEEP – Joint Energy and Environment Projects are supporting communities in Karamoja to build resilience through implementation of environmental management activities in the region. In January 14th – 23rd 2013, JEEP met programme coordinators, facilitators and mobilizers from the 4 districts of Napak, Nakapiripirit, Moroto and Amudat.

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