Seniors Without Borders (SWB) from Denmark under the leadership of Poul Kroijer visited Joint Energy and Environment Project on the 31 August 2014, thereafter proceeded to Mount Elgon area led by Paul Muganga from JEEP for a study tour during the first week of September.

My name is Anamaj Mathiesen from Denmark working with Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) for four months as an Intern.

I arrived in Uganda in the month of August, 2014 having been granted a placement to do an internship with JEEP in November 2013.

CERP – Community Environment Resource Persons/ Lutheran World Federation team from Pader and Kitgum district

On the 20.08.2014, through PELUM (Participatory Environmental Land Use Management) coordination and networking with different organization, 40 farmer groups under Lutheran World Federation (LWF), were trained by JEEP in constructing energy saving stove – particularly in building the (Rocket Lorena Stove) at the JEEP folke center.

Dr. Ulrich Schmidt, a German expert in entomology, arrived in Kampala on Wednesday, 20.08.2014, to support JEEP in the project concerning the establishment of an insect museum for the education of the Ugandan natives about harmful and harmless insects and the management of harmonious human life with insects. Why insects? These living organisms are part of the biodiversity and influence the life of the people in a massive way and the knowledge and behavior of insects is low.

My name is Monika Hellenthal and I will work at JEEP as a volunteer for one year. Due to my studies of Renewable Energies, I have knowledge about energy and environmental projects which i am now contributing toward JEEP projects.

During my studies, I specialized on biogas and worked for one year in Peru (South America), with a small scale biogas installation, so I was pleased to see that JEEP has its own biogas plant and is planning to research and implement more in the field of biogas.

 I was really excited to come here for the first time to see the staff, office and compound of JEEP and to get to know the different projects and activities.

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