Volunteering at JEEP

Described as the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, Uganda is a marvel to behold. It hosts the source of the River Nile, spectacular wildlife and beautiful lakes. By volunteering with us, you’ll have a real and meaningful impact on the lives of many Ugandans and you can try to make some change by working with the JEEP staff for a specific amount of time. Together with us you can make a difference and explore the country and its various cultures at the same time by taking part in our activities and projects.

Here is what recent volunteers say about their stay at JEEP:

Georg Heinemann (2010 / 2011)

           I spent my volunteer year with JEEP from September 2010 to August 2011. During this time i had the chance to support JEEP´s marketing activities. In general, my work consisted in helping to develop the Homepage and the Newsletter. Furthermore, we created new materials such as solar guidebooks and flyers for exhibitons. Apart from that i was involved with the solar lamp project “Lighting Africa”. Together with our donors from Denmark and our solar lamp supplier we targeted several communities in rural Uganda to provide them with access to free and healthy lighting solutions. At JEEP we extended the project to our own office giving also our walk-in customers the chance to buy solar lamps.

Finally, i helped JEEP with their public relations providing all kind of support for meetings, exhibitions, trainings and other workshops. JEEP represents for me an unforgettable year in Uganda. It gave me the incredible opportunity to experience Uganda, its rich nature, its warm and welcoming people and their culture, and even learn much more about myself. At JEEP i was warmly welcomed and felt to be part of a family which i very much appreciate as well as the fact that i had the chance to exchange with a lot of people from different backgrounds which broadened my horizon and positively influenced my next step in life.