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Environmental NGO in Uganda

Lighting Africa powered by “Energi Nord”

  Access to electricity inUganda is limited for most of the population. The Ugandan census of 2002 reported that 7.7% of households used electricity for lighting (37% of urban households and 2.6% of rural households) this was up from 5.6% in 1991. In contrast, 74.8% of households (33.3% of urban and 88.2% of rural) were…
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Stove building powered by Seniors w/o Borders

Uganda’s energy sector is dominated by three sources – biomass, oil and electricity representing about 93%, 6% and 1% of the national energy balance respectively ( Ministry of Energy and Development, 2005). Biomass particularly wood fuel remains the main source of energy inUganda. It accounts for respectively 85% and 3% of rural and urban energy…
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Institutional Capacity Building

The project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of JEEP for its works to support in particular low income citizens in Uganda by providing training and awareness within JEEP’s activity areas including environmental protection, energy efficiency, solar energy, sustainable agriculture and health, thus aiming at contributing to poverty reduction and sustainable development in member/target communities.…
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Solar Energy Projects

JEEP provides solar consultancy services to clients in Luwero, Arua, Tororo Solar Project –  Nyakol & GwaragwaraVillage Nyakol and Gwaragwara are found in Eastern Uganda near the Kenya Uganda border. Despite the fact that electricity is exported to Kenya, these communities have not got a chance to access it. They therefore resort to available means…
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