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First Impression!

Nov 13, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on First Impression!

My name is Patrick Lindner and I will stay for one year in Kampala and work at JEEP as volunteer. I just finished my Bachelor’s degree in physics in Germany and wanted to work more practically now. My sending organisation, “artefact”, already sent seven volunteers, to work at JEEP, therefore it became a good cooperation.

I arrived in the beginning of August at Entebbe airport with a group of artefact volunteers, staying in Uganda. In the preparing week we visited the folkecenter with Annika, my predecessor who returns to Germany in September 2013.

I was quite nervous to see for the first time my workplace for the next twelve months and I hardly slept the night before. It was also the first time we got so far from the city center of Kampala.

When we got out of the matatu (minibus taxi) the clean air at the comparatively silent place let me notice how loud and smelly the city centre really was.

When we entered the office everyone greeted us so warmly, I felt immediately comfortable and all the tension just vanished. Thereafter, we all sat down and introduced ourselves. Everybody shared about their future workplaces all over Uganda, and Ruth, the CEO of JEEP posed many questions to us. Accordingly, Annika guided us over the whole folkecenter beginning with the kitchen and the bathrooms that I first thought, she told us before. At the center, the solar backup system is also placed. So the photo voltaic panels are up on the roof load with four batteries during daytime and in case of a power breakdown a 3000W inverter transforms the 12V DC voltage of the batteries into 230V AC which sustains work operations for staff on their laptops. This happened once, but everything worked perfectly without even noticing the difference.

We left the office building by the back door and the first thing I saw was the bottle house, which looks very interesting! This type of house does not need bricks, but is constructed out of plastic bottles, filled with sand. The bottles are recycled in an uncommon way from the other bottle houses I have seen before on the internet that are covered carefully making it hard to differentiate it to a normal brick house. At JEEP, the bottom of every bottle can be seen on the surface, which makes it unique.

We went on with the cooking pit with clay stove, where Eva, JEEP’s Service Officer daily prepares staff meals.

In the garden many different plants are growing even lettuce, which is really rare at the markets. Also bag gardening is demonstrated and now I feel like doing it, too, at the flat where I stay in Kampala.

The most impressive building, I think, is the guest house as seen in the photo with a solar panel on the roof and a solar water heater in front of it. This method of water heating is very uncommon in Kampala even if it can save a lot of resources. It is quite roomy in the house and two volunteers stayed there for the last two months.


“The most impressive building, I think, is the guest house as seen in the photo with a solar panel on the roof and a solar water heater in front of it” 

Apparently, I am working for some days in the office and I am grateful of being here because everybody is really helpful when I have some questions or problems.

I am sure this will be a great year with JEEP!

Patrick Lindner

Volunteer with JEEP


Gulu stove training

Aug 26, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  2 Comments

On 17th /July /2013 JEEP partnered with Straight Talk foundation / Tree Talk to train  Energy Service Providers in the construction of clean energy saving cook stoves. Forty Energy service providers were trained from 10 districts namely Lira, Lamwo, Nwoya, Kitgum, Pader, Gulu, Amuru, Adjumani  Agago and Kapchworwa.

The main objective of this training was to equip participants with skills in constructing of energy saving stoves who will in turn become Trainers in their respective districts. They all received knowledge on energy crisis, energy saving stoves, extension methods to mention but a few.

Practical demonstrations had to be conducted.  These were done to ensure that participants practically grasp what they had been told. Practical group trainings were also done to ensure and enhance skills acquirement.

Success of JEEP-Momentum Loan Scheme

Aug 26, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Success of JEEP-Momentum Loan Scheme

JEEP together with Momentum micro development limited have finalised a six month pilot study on developing women groups in Kyanja Nakawa Division by giving them affordable loans. These women groups have completed their loan repayment and some of there businesses are doing well. JEEP has considered them for new applications but this time around, JEEP is giving individuals not groups.

Kyanja women group



Mrs Nalwanga Justine a resident of Kyanja Nakawa division she is enjoying the fruits of this loaning scheme. In a period of six months, she has been able top up some money on to buy a cow for her self. She said that; “I was looking for jobs before but as per now am  employed by my cow and I have been able to repay the loan through our group”. Thanks to JEEP.

World Environment Day Celebrations 2013

Jun 10, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on World Environment Day Celebrations 2013

The enormous imbalance in lifestyles and the resultant devastating effects on environment called for this year’s theme being-Think.Eat.Save. JEEP as usual participated in this year’s World Environment Day Celebrations on 5th /June/2013 in Kalangala District.

The above theme encourages everyone to become more aware of the environmental impact of the food choice one makes and empowers everyone to make informed decisions.

JEEP still aimed at deepening public awareness and education of the need to preserve and enhance the environment.

Most of people who visited JEEP stall received knowledge on the following.

  • Tree Planting (Raising seedlings, wood lot planting and maintenance, Grafting)
  • Energy saving Rocket stove.
  • Mwoto Stove
  • Water fitters
  • Solar energy  among others.


People were so interested in the different technologies exhibited by JEEP including the Honourable Ephraim Kamuntu Cabinet Ministers for Environment, Honourable Flavia Munaaba State Minister for Environment among others.



Ministers being showed how firewood is put in Mwoto Stove


Water Filter being demonstrated to people







Ministers being shown solar technologies

JEEP still ensures a safe Environment for a sure future by promoting efficient management of natural resources and renewable energy technologies.

TRAction Project up dates

Apr 2, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on TRAction Project up dates

JEEP together with PATH organized quarterly   team review meetings on 20th and 21st of March 2013. These meetings were attended by Village Health Team Volunteers and Sales Agents from all parishes in Kira Town Council and Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County.

JEEP conducted a community demonstration on 26th /03/2013 in Kireka C Kira Town Council. It was attended by community members, Representatives from PATH Washington, USAID and University Research Council Washington.

A consultation meeting between representatives, Village Health Team Volunteers and Sales Agents from Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County. It took place on 27th /03/2013 at Bunamwaya Health Center II.

The team visited one of the stove users in Massajja parish Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County. Mrs Nansaba Anifa is so happy about mwoto stove “I love mwoto stove so much because it cooks so fast and it makes charcoal”.

she also said that, Mwoto stove has enabled her to save 2,000/= every day. She was buying  firewood for 3,000/= every day before buying mwoto stove. These days she only spend 1,000/= on firewood. She has been using Mwoto stove  since September 2012.


The team also visited Mr. Mukasa Albert one of the sales agents at the same time fire wood seller in Seguku Parish Ssabagabo Makindye Sub County on 27th/03/2013. He enjoys cutting firewood used in Mwoto stove, He sales firewood at his place and other places as he moves on in his car.


JEEP is continuing with community demonstrations from 08/04/2013 in Ssabagabo Makindye sub county and Kirea Town Council.


Local electricians training – 20th March 2013

Mar 28, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Local electricians training – 20th March 2013

JEEP has finalized the training of new solar local electricians from 3 districts. These districts include Arua, Amuria and Kasese. The participants were introduced to solar energy as well as management and maintenance of these systems. Emphasis was placed on the role of the local electricians to manage and maintain the solar systems at their respective schools

The workshop was opened by Ruth N Kiwanuka the CEO who emphasized the role of local electricians in ensuring the sustainability of the solar systems.

The training course was conducted by the JEEP engineer and information officer. The topics covered included introduction to solar energy, management and maintenance of solar systems, trouble shooting, Dos and Don’ts and the roles of local electricians. Practical demonstrations were used to enable participants better understand topics that were discussed. Hand outs were given to participants to enable them read further about solar energy

Participants were given tool boxes to enable then carry out the assigned tasks



Refresher training of Contact persons

Mar 21, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Refresher training of Contact persons

JEEP conducted a refresher training of Contact persons on 13th/03/2013. They received training on financial management, record keeping, profit & loss, income &expenditure, savings, costing & pricing, selling on credit and how to make business successful in the Tree & Solar planting project and other projects of JEEP.

They were encouraged to perform to their best in regards to their roles as contact person which are;

  • Educating the people about JEEP activities,
  •  The importance why everybody should implement.
  •  Monitoring of JEEP project progress and the need to communicate to JEEP.
  • Be innovative to improve on what you have already.
  • Keep records and help where necessary.
  • Always be informed so as to share all with JEEP.
  • Use all avenues to educate people in your area about JEEP activities and be an example to them.


At the end of this training, Contact persons requested for permission from JEEP to go for  talk shows at their  Local radios since most of the areas now have local radios. Some  participants have been invited already to talk about JEEP activities.

This permission was granted and they were equipped with all the necessary  information to be passed on to the listeners.

Refresher Training for Tree Nursery Attendants

Mar 11, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  2 Comments

Tree nursery attendants from seven districts under Tree Solar project received training at JEEP folkecenter from 06th to 07th /03/2013. JEEP trained them about different  topics which included; Site selection of a nursery, Timing, Diseases and pest control, Labelling, Knowing the species, Preferred species, Grafting, Budding, Pruning, Objectives of seed procurement, Seed collection selection.

Training Manager sharing training objectives with participants

Practicals sessions were also given attention to strengthen these topics to participants.

Practicles on grafting during training









Practicals on grafting


Aparticipant from Luwero budding an orange tree

Aparticipant from Kole Grafting mango tree











A participant from Luwero budding an orange tree


Participants shared their experiences about nursery management with their fellow participants. Those who had successful stories encouraged others who had some challenges with nurseries to perform to their best.


A participant from Tororo sharing experience


A total of 15 nursery attendants from Luwero, Mukono, Kalangala, Tororo, Amuria, Lila and Arua.

 Participants being demostrated how to trap pests

Participants being demonstrated how to trap pests


At the end of the training, participants received seeds of different species which included; Seeds of Teak, Eucalyptus, Pine, Grevellia, Albezia and Giant Lira.








Our first shop for energy saving products is open!

Mar 5, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Our first shop for energy saving products is open!

Monday 04/March/2013 opened our new shop for energy saving products in Wabutungulu, district Luwero. We started this project together with our partner Aneri Patel from ENVenture in Washington. Now the people in this district have a access to energy saving products and can buy, water filter, solarlamps, energy saving stoves and more. We trained the village people there and the first people bought products. There are very happy with them, espacially with the new water filter. You are very welcome to visit our shop.

Our first happy customer 

One of our first customer in Wabutungulu with the sunking solo lamp


Lighting Africa Project has been extended to Kasese District

Feb 27, 2013   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  2 Comments

On 18th -19th /02/2013 JEEP extended lighting Africa Project to Kasese district, At the moment three sub counties  have benefited already and theses include; Kyondo, Hamukungu and Maliba sub counties. JEEP introduced new solar product called “Little Sun”

Serious awareness seminars were conducted on little sun solar lamp(how little sun is used and maintained) , about lighting Africa project, solar energy in general, dangers of kerosene lamps.


JEEP sold 300  little sun lamps at a subsidised price. JEEP is aiming at reaching  out to other sub counties in Kasese district.


Lighting Africa Project is collaboration between energy company Energi Nord in Denmark  and JEEP.



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JEEP partnered with Energy Nord - a utility company from Denmark - to implement the Lighting Africa project. The project aims at improving livelihood of people especially those living in off grid areas through provision of clean light from solar energy thus substituting the dangerous kerosene lamps. The project aims at providing solar lanterns at a subsidized rate and creating awareness about solar energy. Beneficiaries are equipped with basic knowledge about the usability and maintenance of solar lamps. - Visit Projectpage