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CERP – Community Environment Resource Persons/ Lutheran World Federation team from Pader and Kitgum district

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CERP – Community Environment Resource Persons/ Lutheran World Federation team from Pader and Kitgum district

On the 20.08.2014, through PELUM (Participatory Environmental Land Use Management) coordination and networking with different organization, 40 farmer groups under Lutheran World Federation (LWF), were trained by JEEP in constructing energy saving stove – particularly in building the (Rocket Lorena Stove) at the JEEP folke center.

During the one day training, participants learned that the Rocket Lorena energy saving stove is efficient in cooking faster while emitting less smoke through a chimney and prevents accidents.

Participants had the opportunity to tour the center and learn about diverse renewable energy technologies and sustainable agricultural practices.

40 farmer groups under Lutheran World Federation (LWF) learning about the efficiency of the Rocket Lorena energy saving stove at the JEEP Center

First Impression!

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My name is Monika Hellenthal and I will work at JEEP as a volunteer for one year. Due to my studies of Renewable Energies, I have knowledge about energy and environmental projects which i am now contributing toward JEEP projects.

During my studies, I specialized on biogas and worked for one year in Peru (South America), with a small scale biogas installation, so I was pleased to see that JEEP has its own biogas plant and is planning to research and implement more in the field of biogas.

 I was really excited to come here for the first time to see the staff, office and compound of JEEP and to get to know the different projects and activities.

Monika Hellenthal , A volunteer from Germany working with JEEP

I arrived in the beginning of August at the airport in Entebbe and spent the first week together with the other German volunteers, who are now working on different projects wide-spread across Uganda. When we arrived at JEEP, I was really happy to see that there are still some areas of nature and silence left in Kampala. I felt comfortable from the first step I took at the site of JEEP.

Together with the other volunteers we did a tour around the JEEP property and it was amazing to see in how many different activities JEEP is involved. There are growing many useful plants, like for alimentation or medical purposes. Besides the plants, they dispose of differently designed energy saving stoves made out of clay. There are trainings held to show how to build your own stove that helps the rural inhabitants to save firewood and charcoal.

Monika touring the center and assessing the Bio gas plant at JEEP

Monika and all the new volunteers from Artefact – Germany visited JEEP on 13.08.2014. Their tour involved learning about renewable energy technologies and sources.

I am looking forward to working together with JEEP during my stay in Uganda and I am sure it will be an exciting experience!

Earth Friendly Energy Tour by Women Groups at JEEP

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Bishop Hannington Mutebi, JEEP Board member invited seventy one women from Kampala Dioceses Church of Uganda and on 12th July 2014, JEEP organized a demonstration tour for these visitors who learned about renewable energy sources and technologies some of which: energy saving stoves like for household and institutions Shielded stoves, Rocket Lorena stoves has two saucepan seats (mud stove which cooks 2 pot holes), Parabolic solar stove, Mwoto stove, Sarai cooker.

The groups of women visitors were enthusiastic to know that the JEEP office is powered by an earth friendly energy – solar and diverse solar technologies were displayed for them to see like the solar little sun, sunking pro, sunking solo, hay basket, bottle house made out of plastic bottles and soap making project.

JEEP believes that when a girl or woman is educated, then a whole nation is educated, therefore motivating women to kick out kerosene (a health pollutant hazard to women and children who spend long hours cooking with firewood) out of their households and switch to the earth – friendly solar energy was a tremendous success during this demonstration tour. JEEP appreciates all the Board members and a heartfelt gratitude to Bishop Hannington for this approach – keep going!

The groups of women visitors learning about bio gas as an alternative renewable energy that they could switch to.

JEEP staff elaborating how the bio gas is produced

Reuse Reduce and Recycle is the environmental protection message being passed on from the JEEP staff to the women visitors to ensure they reuse or recycle wastes in their communities like displayed baskets made from plastics materials

Celebrating World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD)

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The theme for WDCD 2014 is, “Land belongs to the future, lets Climate Proof it”. The purpose of this event which took place at Sekulo Primary School on the 16th – 17th in Budaka District located in Eastern Uganda was to raise awareness while demonstrating to communities the sustainable land management and climate smart land use technologies/practices.

Although Budaka is one of the 5 districts implementing the project “enhancing adoption of climate smart agriculture in Uganda’s farming systems”, the district was chosen to host this year’s event because it has experienced severe land degradation in the past.

The WDCD is commemorated annually on the 17th June, since 1994 when the United Nations General Assembly declared the importance of promoting public awareness to combat desertification through the initiative of country partners, international organizations, non – governmental organizations and other significant stakeholders.

The WDCD is a reminder to the public that desertification which is product of climate variation and human activity, can be effectively eradicated through community participation and co –operation at all levels.

With collaboration and support from (Participatory Ecological Land Use Management) PELUM organization, JEEP attended, exhibited and celebrated the World Day to Combat Desertification to clearly demonstrate its national commitment to raise public awareness of the dangers of climate change; human activities like land degradation.



World Environment Day (WED) 2014

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JEEP celebrates the World Environment Day

JEEP organized and celebrated – The World Environment Day event at St. Lugalama Church of Uganda Ntinda town on the 5th June 2014. JEEP invited many schools ,different churches , neighboring villages,  and partner organizations. The theme of the event was

“Raise your voice, Save Uganda’s Fragile Eco System )

The event attracted community residents and schools. Pupils attended and participated in big numbers like Kigoowa Infants Primary School, Kisaasi Primary School ,Davjan Primary School ,and Kalinabiri Secondary School . Among the organizations; Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) members attended like Okello Vicent. ′

JEEP exhibited the following technologies which included; small solar lamps and big solar installations, solar toys, fuel saving mud stoves, hay baskets, water filters, reused plastic materials, barbecue, Top Lit Up Draft (TLUD) stove, different tree species among others exhibited as shown bellow in the pictures.

Community residents, most of whom were women visited the tables to learn how hay baskets work, water filters and the dangers of using kerosene (tadooba lamps) which causes health damaging effects.

National Celebration of World Environment Day (WED) took place on  June 6th, 2014

On the 6th of June 2014 JEEP staff went to Kaliro district to commemorate the national 2014 World Environment Day organized by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). The (WED) event was postponed from 5th/06/2014 to 6th/06/2014 because President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda delivered the State of the Nation Address at Serena Hotel focusing on the socio-economic transformation of Uganda.

In Kaliro district, the Guest of Honour, His Excellence the Vice President of Uganda Mr. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi visited exhibitor’s stalls and thanked the exhibiting organizations for promoting technologies which help conserve the environment.

JEEP exhibited diverse energy saving technologies which included; energy saving household mud stoves, Sarai cookers, TLUD (Top Lid Up Draft) Mwoto stoves, hay basket flasks, solar lamps, household solar systems, efficient charcoal stoves, briquettes, water filters.

JEEP exhibited renewable energy technology products whereby pupils and students from different schools had the opportunity to learn about renewable energy and the importance of environmental conservation through visiting the exhibition tables. JEEP is ensuring that Uganda’s fragile ecosystem is saved through educating pupils, students and the communities – the future generation!


Jul 1, 2014   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on GWARAGWARA CENTRAL LIGHTING SOLAR SYSTEM

JEEP installed a Central Lighting Solar system in a community market located in Gwaragwara, Tororo district in May 27-30th May, 2014. JEEP appreciates the work of internal/external volunteers! Apreciation goes to Robert Turnbull from Scotland who volunteered by supporting the work of JEEP Robert fundraised UGX 1 ,792,000/- from Scotland for the solar installation in the community market.

 JEEP will continue to monitor the solar installations to ensure that the systems continue operating and benefiting the community in Tororo.

Gwaragwara Community Market – Solar installations by

JEEP team and Robbie Turnbull  aVolunteer at JEEP from Scotland

Solar lighting finally in Gwaragwara- market

Tororo District in Uganda


May 26, 2014   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on SOLAR MICRO GRID IN KASESE

JEEP continues to offer the right solutions to the energy

demand in Kasese Champion District

Joint Energy and Environment Project Uganda successfully completed installation of a Solar micro grid in Kayanja  Nyakiyumbu Subcounty Kasese district. The project was spear headed by System Teknik A/S Denmark supported by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Access 2 innovation, Remergy Energy Solutions and Rural Electrification Agency. JEEP mainly did all power distribution and house hold installations. 88 households have been connected to power lines including a hotel and a video hall. Monthly payments are charged from each household depending on power consumed.

102 households have been connected to power lines including a hotel and a video hall.

The project was spear headed by System TeknikA/S Denmark supported by World wide Fund forNature (WWF), Access 2 innovation, Remergy Energy Solutions and Rural Electrification Agency




Students from Denmark tour JEEP folkecenter

Apr 22, 2014   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Students from Denmark tour JEEP folkecenter

JEEPERS welcomed passionate students from schools Vestbjerg Skole and Fårevejle Efterskole (Denmark) on the 6th March 2014. The students toured JEEP folkecenter to learn about environmental conservation; renewable energy technology sources, solar PV installations, solar heater, bottle house (house constructed with plastic bottles), biogas demonstration plant, herbal gardens, diverse tree species. Danish team experienced what it is to be Ugandan with regard to culture in the central region of Uganda.

Students learning about JEEP projects

Student getting to know of what constitutes Ugandan culture




JEEP Partners at the Folkecenter

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The CEO – Ruth N. Kiwanuka and JEEP team welcomed our partners to the folkecenter – Poul Krøijer from Senior without Borders & Kirsten Arup from Merkur Bank. Poul and Kirsten applauded the team spirit of the team. They appreciated  the projects that JEEP is carrying out in the grassroots communities and they recommended that the organization extends her wings to reach more communities.

Ruth elaborated about the progress of JEEP activities, projects and success stories captured from the grassroots communities. Merkur Bank in Denmark has partnered with JEEP to promote solar energy and energy saving stoves in schools. Thank you Kirsten and the Merkur Bank family in Denmark!

Staff meet Poul and Kirsten at the JEEP folkecenter in Uganda

During the meeting more emphasis was put on renewable energy sources and technologies in Uganda; Energy Saving Stoves, Solar installations in schools, tree planting and creating energy using agricultural wastes – Biomass

Poul from Seniors Without Borders – Denmark & Ruth Kiwanuka – CEO in a planning meeting which took place in January 22 2014 at JEEP offices

In 2011, Seniors Without Borders (SWB) donated 6 solar panel systems to 6 schools in Kapchorwa, Sironko & Mbale. SWB is still in strong partnership with JEEP to reach more communities with renewable energy sources and technologies.Thank you Poul & the SWB family in Denmark. We appreciate!



Apr 15, 2014   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on JEEP VEHICLE

Through KAL Project – Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for the Benefits of Renewable Energy and Mitigating Climate Change, the organization procured a Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop Station Wagon 4WD, on the 31 January 2014, to facilitate JEEP projects in distant communities with challenging terrains.

JEEP Staff, Lene (5th from Right) with new vehicle


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