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Welcoming 2 volunteers from Germany and Denmark

Dec 15, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Welcoming 2 volunteers from Germany and Denmark

As usual JEEP warmly welcomed 2 volunteers in October, Desiree Landerer from Artefact Germany, she is one of many that have been volunteering with JEEP as per our agreement. One for internship at JEEP IS Oda N Kabura from Aalborg University in Denmark, the two are young and very active.

Desiree Landerer Artefact Volunteer from Germany.

Oda N Kabura from Aalborg University in Denmark

Buganda Kingdom Sub County Leaders visits JEEP Folkecenter.

Dec 15, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Buganda Kingdom Sub County Leaders visits JEEP Folkecenter.

The leaders from Nakawa Sub County in Kampala district visited JEEP Folkecenter to see what JEEP was doing. The team led by sub county chief Haji Ahmed Matovu after touring the centre, expressed their happiness to see an NGO that has done great work in Uganda since 1983. They thanked the founder members, the board and the staff for managing the NGO for such a long period and educating Buganda and Uganda at large. They promised to mobilize the top leaders in the kingdom including the king. The visit indicates the importance of JEEP Advocacy and Lobbying project, KAL targeting leaders.

Buganda representatives from Buganda kingdom Hajji Ahmed Matovu and his group from Nakawa Sub County visited JEEP Folkecenter to see and learn different types of Renewable energy technologies and how to conserve the environment.

Guests being sensitized on solar lamps


Guests being introduced to different types of herbal medicine


Guests being sensitized on Solar water heater




Dec 15, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on NETWORKING

On the 10th -12th /5/15,  SAREPTA Women’s group Bukoba Tanzania ( 4 female and 2 male) travelled to JEEP for  training in energy saving stoves, briquette making,  field visit to Wabutungulu solar hub  and a partnership meeting with JEEP. SAREPTA Women’s group which is a partners of Morsoe Third World Association   in Denmark.

Sustainability of JEEP Folkecenter

Aug 21, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on Sustainability of JEEP Folkecenter

As a fundraising tool, in June, JEEP managed to hire out for the first time its natural compound to host a wedding on Saturday 13th June. The wedding attracted 500 guests who were impressed by the cool, green and clean gardens. A lot was learnt and JEEP staffs are in concrete plans to see how to improve the venue for future activities as a sustainability Fundraising strategy for JEEP.









































World Desertification day in Isingiro district Western Uganda

Aug 21, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on World Desertification day in Isingiro district Western Uganda

On 16th and 17th of June 2015, JEEP staff Racheal, Kevine, Terah represented and participated in the World Day to combat Desertification celebration with other Environmental organisations held at Kibwera Primary School, Mabona ward,Isingiro town council in Isingiro district West of Uganda; This years’ theme was “Attainment of Food Security for All through Sustainable Food Systems”.

JEEP exhibited and demonstrated best agro forestry practices and boundary tree planting; Clean energy saving stoves (the mud stove, glow stove and salai cooker; affordable household water filters, solar lamps and the basket food cooker/flask technology

With this year slogan ‘No such thing as a free lunch; Invest in healthy soil’, 2015 observance calls were:
(1) A change in our land use practices through smart agriculture and adaptation to changing climate, especially in the dry fragile parts of the world where food shortages are becoming more and more severe.
(2) Access to technology and land rights for small holder farmers who safeguard the environment and meet the food needs of millions of households, especially among the poorest households.
(3) A balance in the land use for ecology and consumption, drawing on the best practices.
(4) More investments in sustainable land practices so that sustainable food systems become the normal practice and
(5) More effective action on desertification whose effects on security, peace and stability are invisible yet real for the affected countries due especially to food and water scarcity and environmentally forced migration.

Hon. Rwamirami Bright was the Guest of honour in charge of State Minister for Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries.

20150617_123309 20150616_173635



Aug 21, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on CELEBRATING THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2015

JEEP celebrated the World Environment Day on 5th June 2015. JEEP joined Government and other civil society organisations in Uganda to celebrate the day at Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School Kiteredde in Rakai District.

The global theme of this year’s World Environment Day was ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet’ while the national theme was, “35 Million People, Limited Resources, Consume with Care.” These two themes serve as a wake-up call for us to take better stewardship of our natural resources to insure our survival and that of future generations. The well-being of humanity, the environment, and the functioning of the world’s economy ultimately depend upon the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources.

It was noted that there is mounting evidence that we are increasingly consuming far more resources than what the planet can produce sustainably. This is putting humanity at risk of hunger (food insecurity), drought, disease and death.

Currently, the majority of the population in Uganda depends on subsistence and rain-fed agriculture. 90 percent of them also rely on wood fuel as a source of energy. At an average annual growth rate of 3.03 per cent, Uganda’s population is projected to increase to 35.0 million in 2015 and to 47.4 million in 2025. This projected population growth is bound to exert more pressure on the existing natural resources which calls for adoption of sustainable production and consumption patterns.

JEEP applauds Government’s commitment of putting in place a number of policies, legal and institutional frameworks, to address environmental degradation and climate change. However, there is need for renewed commitment to effectively implement and translate these policies in to real action on ground. Under the KAL project (Renewable energy and Climate Change Mitigation in Uganda); JEEP is running to 2017, we advocate and lobby communities and leaders to protect the natural resources we enjoy – our wetlands, lakes, rivers, and forests; wildlife habitats and abundant farmland.

We need also to promote home-grown solutions – more so, solutions that put people at the centre of environment and natural resource protection. By harnessing our home-grown solutions, and preserving the natural resources that make Uganda the Pearl of Africa, we can show that sound environmental policies can go hand-in hand with economic development. So we should all consume the natural resources with care for our future generations.

20150605_122702 20150605_122827 20150605_122629




































Aug 20, 2015   //   by admin   //   JEEP News  //  Comments Off on NETWORKING AND COLLABOLATION

On 29/04/2015, JEEP attended a fellowship meeting organized by Mpigi NGO forum. It took place at the district council chambers. This fellowship aimed at providing space for review of the civil society engagement in development of Mpigi district, Over view of challenges faced by civil society organizations and among these included; Duplication of activities in district by NGOs, Political interference in NGOs activities.

The Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of Mpigi District encouraged NGOs to share their activity reports with district community development officer and Natural resource officer every quota.











JEEP staff (in maroon shirt) raising a challenges




Study tour for Seniors Without Borders (SWB)

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Seniors Without Borders (SWB) from Denmark under the leadership of Poul Kroijer visited Joint Energy and Environment Project on the 31 August 2014, thereafter proceeded to Mount Elgon area led by Paul Muganga from JEEP for a study tour during the first week of September.

The study tour was significant for new members of SWB to learn about the past projects that SWB had executed in the Mt. Elgon region and Budaka. These past joint projects included: solar panel installation with a charging station for mobile phones, construction of energy saving stoves, briquettes production, tree planting and tree nursery establishment.The Danish team had also planned to visit Moroto, however, due to the heavy rains then and poor roads, the plan was postponed for the future.The team had time to prepare for two new projects: Environmental Awareness project which will take place in seven districts and a water garden stuff project in Budaka and Sipi.

The participants were enthusiastic about the field trip and expressed high praise for JEEP for its environmental work in Uganda.

Several of the participants were sure that it would not be long before they were back in Uganda.

Poul Kroijer




Study tour for new members of SWB in Mt. Elgon region and Budaka







SWB visiting tree nurseries – Budaka

First Impression!

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Anamaj 3

My name is Anamaj Mathiesen from Denmark working with Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) for four months as an Intern.

I arrived in Uganda in the month of August, 2014 having been granted a placement to do an internship with JEEP in November 2013.

I was warmly welcomed by all JEEP staff and that made me feel like a member of the JEEP family. Since August, I have been facilitating JEEP projects at the demonstration center and in the different regions of Uganda, using my entrepreneurial knowledge and innovative skills having studied at a Masters level in Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurial dynamics from Denmark. Some of the projects I have facilitated together with JEEP staff were training forty farmers from Kitgum and Pader in August 19th 2014 under the Lutheran World Federation organization in constructing the energy saving stove – Rocket Lorena stove, where I helped preparing the clay for making an energy saving stove. It was an interesting experience for me to follow the process of making a stove from scratch and see the participant’s learn more about the efficiency of the Rocket Lorena energy stove in cooking faster, emittings less smoke through a chimney and how using it prevents accidents.

Participants were happy to tour the center and learn about diverse renewable energy technologies and sustainable agricultural practices implemented by JEEP.

I have facilitated awareness seminars under the KAL project for communities and sub – county leaders in Kasese, Arua and Kamuli districts. The current task that I am implementing is designing a new solar project for Kyanja in Mpigi district.

Anamaj_Mathiesen-1 Preparing anthill soil to construct Rocket Lorena Energy Saving Stove at JEEP folkecenter – Uganda




Anamaj 5






Something I really love about Uganda is the food! At JEEP we get lunch each day and I always look forward to it.

After a week in Kampala, I went on a study tour trip in September to Mt. Elgon region and Budaka district located in eastern Uganda with Seniors Without Borders – a team from Denmark and a partner of JEEP. I experienced villages, schools, tree nurseries, hospitals and a lot more! Here I fell in love with Uganda; the nature is beautiful!

When I returned to JEEP in Kampala all the staff had returned from their field trips and those who had travelled to Denmark. I received another warm welcome.

The following week, I got the opportunity to go to Kamuli district for KAL awareness seminars. It was very interesting to experience the cultures in Busoga – eastern region and also learn how meetings, office procedures, other activities are conducted in Uganda!

Anamaj Mathiesen

Visiting German Expert – Insect Project at JEEP

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Dr. Ulrich Schmidt, a German expert in entomology, arrived in Kampala on Wednesday, 20.08.2014, to support JEEP in the project concerning the establishment of an insect museum for the education of the Ugandan natives about harmful and harmless insects and the management of harmonious human life with insects. Why insects? These living organisms are part of the biodiversity and influence the life of the people in a massive way and the knowledge and behavior of insects is low.

The expert compiled useful information about the insect project and the planned “insect” museum based at Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) Kampala, which is in the preparation process as the Uganda Mobile Museum (UMM) to reach a mammoth community. This mobility will ensure that the exhibitions are more flexible, effective and carried out in a larger region where residents live, in villages, schools, health centers and other institutions unlike a “normal” museum. During the exhibition, children will participate in the insect collection as way of getting in touch with nature and learning in what Dr. Schmidt referred to as “Edutainment”.

Dr. Schmidt in Bugiri, Bogasa – a region where many people are affected by jiggers and other insects. The expert traveled to assess the current situation and to talk to the representatives of the village.

In future, JEEP will conduct a training on how to live and prevent harmful jiggers in these communities.


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