Environmental NGO in Uganda

Celebrating #WorldRefugeeDay in Adjumani

Today is WorldRefugeeDay. JEEP, with support from EUTF under the “Response to increased environmental degradation and promotion of alternative energy technologies in refugee hosting districts” project, joined the world in celebrating this day. As part of our environmental causes, we promoted the use of alternative energy technologies as means of offsetting stress on trees as…
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This Month at JEEP – 05.2022

Yet another monthly newsletter! This month was packed full with various activities. While Brian and Winnie, our field staff in Zombo were busy executing another hay basket training, we had the pleasure to welcome the Ugandan commissioner of renewable energies from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. We had a very productive meeting in…
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This Month at JEEP – 04.2022

This month we were hard at work to further several projects. In this spirit. Sylvia visited Arua and together with Jolly and Crispus they held several gender championship trainings as part of the the theme “Life skills for success” under the RED project. Aim of these trainings is to promote gender equality/equity and raise awareness…
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This Month at JEEP – 03.2022

In this newsletter we briefly mention what we have been up to in the last month, hoping the curious reader enjoys following up.

This Month at JEEP – 02.2022

In this newsletter we briefly mention what we have been up to in the last month, hoping the curious reader enjoys following up. Projects With a “bit” of delay, the rather large solar installation at Imvepi Refugee Center is finally finished. Delays had multiple causes: car troubles, delayed delivery of solar panels, long production time…
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Environmental Education Project (Eco Pesa)

Summary Environmental issues and controlling, mitigating them is becoming evermore important in the Zombo region in Uganda (more specifically the sub-counties Paidha and Atyak). Extensive, destructive usage of the soil and other natural resources, together with, among others, poor waste management cause more severe droughts, combined with the increase of spreading pests and diseases. To…
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This Month at JEEP – 01.2022

Welcome to our new (revived) monthly newsletter! First of all, a belated Happy New Year! Here, we’ll briefly mention our progress of the month, our projects and important meetings and activities, hoping you might enjoy reading it and following it up. This Months Meetings In January it is time to discuss our programme for the…
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Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

It’s this time of the year again! We held another AGM, 25th of November 2021. As is custom, we invited our board members along with field officers, interested parties,… to discuss the progress, challenges and achievements of JEEP. Topics were, among others: Light in Africa EASE&CA …