In March 2008, Nordic Folkecenter and JEEP, in the first solar project, different solar systems were  installed and these include; Solar system at JEEP office, solar lighting in 3 primary schools, Solar refrigerator in a health center and 3 solar phone changing systems  in Arua, Tororo and Luwero districts of  Uganda funded by project Fund/CISU. These systems were for JEEP to learn and collect experience as well as for the communities and health center to learn. Since then, Nordic Folkecenter and JEEP have never look backwards.

JEEP folkecenter is a teaching place and a solar energy demonstration center. At JEEP solar Pv provides enough energy for computers, refrigerator, phone charging, lights in office and security lights at night. Solar water Heater for JEEP Guest house, Solar Fruit dryer and Solar products [Solar lamps]

JEEP has installed solar systems in districts which include; Luwero, Tororo,Arua, Mukono, Amuria, Lira, Kalangala, Bufumbo, Kapichola, Kasese, Mpigi, Bududa, Ibanda, Kasese, Kyankwanzi, Busia, Luuka, Namayingo, Lwengo, Wakiso among others.

Currently the following solar systems have been installed;

  • Solar lighting systems in 63 schools
  • Solar lighting and phone changing systems in 09 schools
  • Solar phone changing systems in 04 rural communities
  • Solar Central lighting systems in 02 rural communities
  • Solar refrigerators in 03 health centers
Solar Refrigerator at Bukwaya Health Center II Iganga District

Solar Refrigerator at Bukwaya Health Center II Iganga District


Installing a Solar Panel

Installing a Solar Panel


Central Lighting System



Lights in classroom

Lights in Classroom

Installing Solar Panel

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