Training for a women group in Arua

JEEP offers workshops and awareness seminars. We have developed a special module system which addresses the problems of the rural farmers, women and youth in their own setting. This ensures that the use of locally available materials, communication in an appropriate language, and respect of local socio-cultural norms.

Training is available in the following areas:

  • Solar Energy
  • Energy conservation and alternate fuels
  • Fuel saving cookstoves and other household energy
  • Natural pest control
  • Soil conservation
  • Tree planting (from raising seedlings to tree care and management)
  • Community teaching approaches
  • Organic farming and agroforestry
  • Fireless Basket Cooker

JEEP travels to rural communities where we host TOT (Training Of  Trainer) workshops and awareness seminars. The training is designed to suit the needs of the potential audience, and gives the TOTs skills in conservation, farming, construction of stoves, and community extension so that they are able to teach other villagers.

One trainer could on average yield the following outputs:

  • Sensitized           90 people
  • Trained              25 trainees
  • Stoves Made       10 stoves
  • Trees planted     60 trees

(Facts obtained from a follow-up exercise after 2 months of 392 TOTs trained under the PLAN -ECP for the year 2000)

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