JEEP Folkecenter

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Entrance of JEEP Folkecenter

The JEEP Folkecenter houses our office as well as numerous agriculture, forestry, energy saving technique demonstrative sites including the following:

  • Tree nurseries
  • Appropriate/Energy  saving Technologies
  • Energy Saving Stoves
  • Solar technologies
  • Soap Workshop House
  • Bottle House (Recycling issue)
  • Biogas Facility
  • Herbal Garden
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Training shade
  • Guest house
  • Shallow well

The Folkecenter opened November 14th 2005 in support by MS Uganda. Since then numerous demonstrations have been given on the compound. It is located on Plot 247, Gayaza Road, Kyanja, Kampala. The centre is constantly growing and future additions include an amphitheatre, wind mill water pumping, a bio-gas power generator.

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