30 Year Anniversary of JEEP

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Joint energy and Environment Projects celebrated its 30 years of existence (1983 – 2013) on the 1st February 2013. Since 1983, a lot of activities have taken place, which so far educated over 15 Million people in environmental issues in the more than 75 % of Uganda.

As an indigenous  non-governmental organization working for a green Uganda due to the two main prime contributors to the human disaster in the Horn of Africa – deforestration and soil erosion; JEEP in accordance with its Mission and Vision has carried out training and awareness focusing on environmental conservation and energy-saving technologies using grassroots practical approach primarily to rural farmers and Influencing national policies and plans to integrate environmental considerations in all aspects of Uganda’s social, economic and cultural development and with all this recorded achivement so far; caused the 30 years celebration of existence.

JEEP has also established a folkecentre for energy demonstrations and training; energy, tree planting sustainable agriculture30 Years Magazine.pdf and constructed a community training center at its headquarters in Kyanja, Sensitized more than 300 schools on environment conservation and management practices; this has benefited 4,290,000 primary pupils and 2,400 teachers, Educated 1673 households in the establishment of kitchen gardens and also promoted Vitamin “A” Rich Orange Fleshed sweet potatoes in schools to enhance nutritional status, and so far has enhanced tree planting of more than 7.8 million trees have been planted from these exercise, 6200 domestic saving stoves and 96 institutional (in primary schools and large family households) fuel saving stoves have been constructed and has established over 1,986 woodlots established with more than 4,832 community based trainers trained to replicate the project activities in the Operational areas.

Read more about our activities so far in our 30 Years Anniversary Magazine, created by Thyra Johannesen a Danish volunteer.



On Friday 1st of February 2013 JEEP marked 30 years of existence since 1983. The celebrations started on Thursday 31st January with a procession along the streets of Kampala.


Friday 1st of February 2013 was the climax of these celebrations and a number of dignitaries graced the occasion and among these include Counsellor for development Sanne Frost Helt who represented His Excellency the Royal Danish Ambassador to Uganda, Different foreign consulates representatives, Retired Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyooyo,



Central Government Representatives, Representatives from the kingdom of Buganda and Obusinga bwe Rwenzururu, Current and Former JEEP board members, Civil societies organization representatives, JEEP membership groups from different among others.




Among the communications made included Key note address made by Mr Otim Thomas who represented country director of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Uganda

There where addresses made from former JEEP board members, Partner representatives from Denmark.



JEEP former board members were honoured for their dedicated service devotion and support to activities Joint Energy and Environment Projects.

Outstanding environmentalists were awarded in recognition for their Nature conservation and these included Retired Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyooyo, Mr. Kyeswa Godfrey, Mr. Johannis and Mukono Diocese






There was a demonstration and public touring of the different technologies at JEEP







A foundation stone was laid by the guest of honour on the training shade which is under construction.



Our guests were entertained by wonderful performances from Kiryokya Parents Brass Band and Tende Talents High school

Children where also given some attention during JEEP 30 years celebrations and this was face painting.

JEEP thanks every body who turn up for 30 years celebration. Lets us conserve our environment for a sure future.



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