East African Civil Society for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action (EASE&CA)

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The overall objective of this project is increased access to sustainable energy and other climate solutions to local communities in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania with both women’s and men’s full and effective participation and leadership for improved livelihoods and reduction of poverty.

The immediate objective 1: Empower poor, rural communities in three districts in Uganda, and in East Africa more generally, to get access to clean energy and improved livelihoods in an economic and climate friendly way, as well as to refine methods from previous projects to realise this.
The immediate objective 2: Strengthen national CSO networking and advocacy for increased targets and financing of local, sustainable, pro-poor, and gender responsive climate and energy solutions in national development strategies and their implementation in Kenya, Tanzania, and
Uganda. The strategies shall include Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Long-term low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) to the Paris Agreement, as well as national activities to implement SDG7 (clean energy), including the Sustainable Energy for All strategies.
The immediate objective 3: Strengthen networking and participation of East African CSOs for exchange
of experiences and to give voice to East African CSOs to influence development of the international framework for the national strategies and for climate financing, including in the UN Climate Convention (UNFCCC).

Participants of the EASE-CA Kickoff meeting

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