First Impression!


My name is Anamaj Mathiesen from Denmark working with Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) for four months as an Intern.

I arrived in Uganda in the month of August, 2014 having been granted a placement to do an internship with JEEP in November 2013.

I was warmly welcomed by all JEEP staff and that made me feel like a member of the JEEP family. Since August, I have been facilitating JEEP projects at the demonstration center and in the different regions of Uganda, using my entrepreneurial knowledge and innovative skills having studied at a Masters level in Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurial dynamics from Denmark. Some of the projects I have facilitated together with JEEP staff were training forty farmers from Kitgum and Pader in August 19th 2014 under the Lutheran World Federation organization in constructing the energy saving stove – Rocket Lorena stove, where I helped preparing the clay for making an energy saving stove. It was an interesting experience for me to follow the process of making a stove from scratch and see the participant’s learn more about the efficiency of the Rocket Lorena energy stove in cooking faster, emittings less smoke through a chimney and how using it prevents accidents.

Participants were happy to tour the center and learn about diverse renewable energy technologies and sustainable agricultural practices implemented by JEEP.

I have facilitated awareness seminars under the KAL project for communities and sub – county leaders in Kasese, Arua and Kamuli districts. The current task that I am implementing is designing a new solar project for Kyanja in Mpigi district.

Preparing anthill soil to construct Rocket Lorena Energy Saving Stove at JEEP folkecenter - Uganda









Something I really love about Uganda is the food! At JEEP we get lunch each day and I always look forward to it.

After a week in Kampala, I went on a study tour trip in September to Mt. Elgon region and Budaka district located in eastern Uganda with Seniors Without Borders – a team from Denmark and a partner of JEEP. I experienced villages, schools, tree nurseries, hospitals and a lot more! Here I fell in love with Uganda; the nature is beautiful!

When I returned to JEEP in Kampala all the staff had returned from their field trips and those who had travelled to Denmark. I received another warm welcome.

The following week, I got the opportunity to go to Kamuli district for KAL awareness seminars. It was very interesting to experience the cultures in Busoga – eastern region and also learn how meetings, office procedures, other activities are conducted in Uganda!

Anamaj Mathiesen