Media Awareness Learning Tour Project

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Media Awareness Learning Tour Project

Joint Energy and Environment Projects hosted local media houses in Uganda on the 9th December 2013 by carrying out the Media Awareness Learning Tour at the demonstration center with the goal of Educating, Communicating and providing Information to spread extensively to diverse audiences within and without Uganda.

JEEP successfully implemented the awareness initiative where 17 people from the media; (Newspapers, Radio, TV) attended and participated


It was acknowledged by JEEP staff that globally media plays a profound role in promoting a universal understanding of the fact that the world faces environmental crises and that developing nations hold an important key to saving the earth, yet the demand for biomass energy has outstripped the sustainable supply with a rapidly growing population of 34.5 million Ugandans who are a threat to the environmental security.


The outcome of the tour successfully garnered positive publicity about Joint Energy and Environment Project organization to its funders and partners.Click here to add a title or text.

A demonstration of how the Parabolic Solar Cooker works. An explanation from the CEO

The media team had the opportunity to experience the demonstration center first hand by increasing their knowledge about green projects that JEEP has been implementing since its establishment in 1983.


Ugandan media house representatives at the JEEP training shade.