KAL (Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for the Benefit of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation in Uganda)

KAL (Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for the Benefit of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation in Uganda)

Update May 2015

Members of Parliament seminar on KAL Project

Members of parliament from the district where KAL project is carried out together with the members of Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change (PFCC) were invited. However, a big number of them did not turn up due to many committees which were sitting at the same time. We were also told that others were back having campaigning for the coming elections. Still, the few expressed their challenges and also showed interest in JEEP’s project as it’s one of the ways their constituency could develop, some of them expect too much from JEEP. We also told them that their people expect a lot from them, both assumptions caused a serious debate! At least there was a consensus that JEEP and MPs have to work together in the advocacy work on Environmental Issues.

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Tree Nursery Attendants Training in KAL project

JEEP conducted a two days training of tree nursery attendants as stipulated in the KAL project. It took place at JEEP offices in Kyanja on 28th and 29th/ 05/ 2015. Participants were selected from six districts and these are Tororo, Apac, Arua, Kasese, Kamuli, and Mpigi. 16 members participated in the training, 14 men and 2 female.

The participants were taken through a number of nursery practices and these include Definition of tree nursery, selection of tree nursery site. Types of nurseries, nursery lay out, soil mixing, sawing bed construction orientation and seed collection and general nursery management. In all the topics both theory and practical approach were used.

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Update April 2015


On 20th up to 23rd April, the JEEP team was in Mpigi District to conduct stove training, a follow-up on sub county leaders, district leaders, NGOs/CBOs

A Follow-up on 27sub county leaders was done in the previously sensitized 7 sub counties; 9 female and 18 male. 4 NGOs/CBOs were visited; and 3district  leaders interviewed to find out how far they had fulfilled their commitments promised in the awareness seminars conducted last year,

JEEP conducted training on how to make two types of energy saving stoves called Rocket Lorena and Shield stove. For the two days 40 participants from 7 sub counties of Nkozi, Buwama, Muduuma, Town council, Kiringaente, Kituntu and Katenda) in Mpigi district. Participants are to reciprocate the technology in their respective sub counties on key issues in the KAL advocacy for renewable energy and climate change mitigation.

Awareness seminar was also conducted in Katenda and Nkozi 40 participants attended the seminar concerning advocacy for renewable energy and climate change. 44 male and 33 female.

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Awareness seminar was also conducted in Katenda and Nkozi 40 participants attended the seminar concerning advocacy for renewable energy and climate change. 44 male and 33 female.


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Update March 2015


On 19th to 12th March, the JEEP team was in Tororo Distict for a variety of activities like conducting a follow-up on subcounty leades, district leaders, NGOs/CBOs  and school installtions and training of energy saving stove.

A Follow-up on 40 sub county leaders was done in the previously sensitized 10 sub counties; 8 were female and 32 were male. 4 NGOs/CBOs were visited; and 5 district  leaders interviewed to find out how far they have fulfilled their commitments promised in the awareness seminars conducted last year, 2 were female and 3 were male.

JEEP conducted training on how to make two types of energy saving stove. For the two days 48 participants from 10 sub counties of Kisoko, Kwapa, Mella, Mollo, Mukuju, Mulanda, Nabuyonga, Nagongera, Osukuru, and Rubonga) in Tororo district. 20 female and 24 male participants were trained  on how to construct mud rocket-Lorena and shielded-rocket stoves. Participants are to reciprocate the learned technology in their respective sub counties upon return home.





participants making their own stove


On 30th March to 1st April JEEP team was in Apac district carrying on KALproject activities, like follow up in 11 subcounties, NGOs, CBOs and training of energy saving stove.

A Follow-up on 47 sub county leaders was done in 11 sub counties ie (Akokoro, Abongomola, Ibuje, Inomo, Apac town council, Chawente, Apac subcounty Chegere, Nambieso, Aduku town council and Aduku sub county) 12 were female and 35 were male. 3NGOs/CBOs were visited; and 3 district  leaders interviewed to find out how far they have fulfilled their commitments they promised in the awareness seminars conducted last year.

JEEP also conducted a training on how to make a shielded energy saving stove. For the two days. 44 participants from 11 sub counties managed to participate in the training. The following day, the same participants had to divide into four groups and do their own stoves. Participants are to reciprocate the learned technology in their respective sub counties upon return home









JEEP staff training community members how to construct energy saving stove







JEEP staff interviewing one of the subounty leader in Abongomola sub county.


Update February 2015


On 19th to 23rd January, the JEEP team was in Kamuli Distict for a variety of activities like conducting a follow-up, training and awareness seminars for community and sub county leaders.

JEEP also conducted three awareness seminars in Kisozi, Bugulumbya and Kitayunjwa Sub Counties. 70 sub county Leaders and 707 community members were sensitized in the exercise. A Follow-up on 30 sub county leaders was done in the previously sensitized 10 sub counties; Seven NGOs/CBOs were visited; and four district  leaders interviewed to find out how far they have fulfilled their commitments promised in the awareness seminars conducted last year.

JEEP conducted training on how to make two types of energy saving stove. For the two days 56 participants from 13 sub counties of Bugulumbya, Wankole, Nawanyango, Nabwigulu, Balawoli, Bulopa, Butansi, Kitayundwa, Namwenda, Namasagali, Kisozi, Mbulamuti, Kamuli Tc and Bugaya in Kamuli district were trained  on how to construct mud rocket-Lorena and shielded-rocket stoves. Participants are to reciprocate the learned technology in their respective sub counties upon return home.
















Energy saving Stoves could save the trees in Kasese District National parks.

Kasese is the most nature treasured district in all the KAL projects’ nine districts . With two national parks Queen Elizabeth and Mt. Rwenzori National parks a wide range of biodiversity is found and tree cover still exist though at a high risk of extinction due to the demand of firewood in the nearby areas

Between 9th and 13th February 2015, the JEEP team conducted trainings for 50 participants in 11 sub counties of Lake Katwe, Maliba, Kitswamba, Rukoki, Kilemba, Bwera, Karusandala, kyarumba, Kyondo, Kasese Municipal council, and Kasese Town council in rocket Lorene and Shielded stove at the Mayor’s garden in Kasese Town council.

In the same time, Follow-ups on the 4 district leaders, 4 NGOs/CBOs and 51 sub county leaders in 10 sub counties was carried out.

Update September 2014

Awareness seminars in ten sub – counties


JEEP travelled to Kamuli district where the team held ten awareness seminars for grassroots communities and sub – county leaders in September 14th – 20th, 2014 in ten sub – counties: Mbulamuti, Balawoli, Namasagali, Bulopa, Nawanyago, Namwendwa, Nabwiguru, Kamuli Town Council, Butyansi and Wankole. Over one thousand six hundred community residents some of whom were sub – county leaders participated with enthusiasm and responses toward the KAL project were positive from the entire sub – counties.

The Chairman LC3 Basooma Moses welcomed JEEP to his sub – county (Namasagali) and pledged to give the necessary support for the good of Namasagali community which consists of 4 parishes and 43 zones. He notified the participants that they had lobbied for 100,000 trees from the district which awaits planting in their sub – county once they have formulated the environmental committee in September 2014.

Whereas in Mbulamuti, the Sub – county chief notified leaders that as Uganda’s population increase, the environment remains static. Therefore, the need for balance is getting serious and can barely be ignored.

JEEP advised the Forest Officers in all districts to train communities in tree planting and recommend the right tree seedlings which can thrive in their region. Tree nursery attendants were introduced to participants so that the community could buy tree seedlings from them and promote tree nursery establishments in Kamuli.

Participants committed themselves to start using renewable energy technologies, establish environmental committees to enforce bye – laws to control over exploitation of natural resources, laws to stop bush burning, stop poor farming practices like over growing sugar cane in wetlands and proper waste management.

In Bulopa sub – county, the LC 3 Chairman applauded participants who had earlier on attended the coronation of the King of Busoga (The Kyabazinga) who advised Busoga community to plant more trees and conserve the environment













Sub – county leaders in Wankole Kamuli district



JEEP travelled to Arua district where the team held awareness seminars for grassroots communities and sub – county leaders between 28th September – 4th October 2014 in ten sub – counties: Okollo, Katrini, Ogoko, Ajia, Offaka, Uleppi, Aroi, River Oli Division, Arua Hill Division.Over a thousand community residents some of whom were sub – county leaders attended and participated in the seminar.

On the 29 September 2014, JEEP held an awareness seminar for communities and sub – county leaders in Offaka.

The chairman LC3 welcomed JEEP and all the participants to the seminar. He applauded the efforts of JEEP because the government could barely do everything for the communities in Offaka.

The seminar educated representatives from 37 villages who included clergy, village health representatives, the local council 1, local council 2, local council 3, people with special abilities, youth, teachers, water source representatives, women representatives.

JEEP held the KAL awareness seminar for sub – county leaders and the community on the 30 September 2014 in Uleppi sub- county, where the LC3 Chairman thanked JEEP for equipping Uleppi communities with environmental knowledge. He told the community residents that Uleppi was chosen to host the world environment day in June 2014 to encourage other sub – counties to emulate Uleppi in tree planting. He told participants that the community will have a central market where the sell of charcoal could easily be monitored.


Offaka community learning about the dangers of using the kerosene lamp during KAL Awareness Seminar for communities – Arua district




Stake holders in the KAL Project

Meeting NEMA (National Environment Management Authority)

JEEP staff visited NEMA offices located in Kampala on the 26.September 2014, for the purpose of collaboration in the KAL project and to be enlightened about the operations of NEMA at the district levels.

The District Support Officer – Ms. Sylvia Lutalo from NEMA who welcomed JEEP, endorsed the KAL project. She applauded JEEP for the educative awareness KAL seminars on climate change mitigation by encouraging communities to adapt to renewable energy technologies and practice sustainable environmental conservation practices in the grassroots communities. She notified the team that although NEMA is mandated to educate, supervise, coordinate and monitor all environmental activities in all districts, part of their work is to support the operations of the Local government which has supreme authority and ensures that District Environmental Officers are appointed to implement environmental activities within the districts

Ms. Lutalo advised JEEP to advocate for the preservation of the environment – cultural heritage and ensure that they work collaboratively with the district general purpose committees already in existence which sits thrice yearly to ensure that environmental laws; bye-laws, district ordinances are enforced to stop the degradation of the environment.

EDL Training in preparation for CISU project 6th – 7th/12/2013

The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark in partnership with JEEP Uganda successfully secured funds from the Danish Civil Society Development Project Fund organization to implement the KALBREMICC 4 year project with effect from January 2014.

Consequently, JEEP conducted a two day training in preparation to implement the Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for the benefits of renewable energy and mitigation of climate change (KALBREMICC) project with guidance from the consultants – Enterprise Development Limited (EDL).

JEEP will do advocacy and lobbying activities among its own members, board members, local leaders incl. religious and honourables, head teachers, district and sub county leaders to engage them in renewable energy project to be implemented in their areas.

JEEP will carry out awareness seminars to community members, women groups and JEEP members in issues concerning renewable ener

gy technologies and environmental conservation, to inform them about project activities and their involvement in the project.

The workshop took place on Friday 6th – 7th December 2013 at the JEEP head offices in Kyanja, Gayaza, Uganda

Fourteen staff from Joint Energy and Environment Projects participated using group sessions, focus group discussions, lectures, presentations and brainstorming


Up date February 2014


JEEPERS travelled to Arua district on 3rd – 6th February 2014 to carry out a baseline in this region in Katrini sub – county. JEEPERS introduced the KAL project to Resident District Commissioner, Chief Administrative Officer and other influential leaders. Thereafter, the organization was registered and certified by Arua District NGO Board. During the budget conference; JEEP staff got an opportunity to introduce the KAL project to all stakeholders who were attending this conference.

 Lene Høgh – Follow up on KAL

On February 03rd /2014, Lene from Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (DK) arrived at the JEEP Folkecenter and a meeting was held with all staff to communicate to Lene about the progress of the KAL initiative and she also had a fruitful meeting with the accounts department at JEEP. Lene worked with all JEEPERs and all the staff enjoyed her company, however good times usually don’t last for so long – she bid JEEP farewell on the 7th March 2014 after enjoying ice cream dessert. Thank you so much Lene for the good times, advice and sacrifices. t


On the 12th and 13th of February 2014, JEEP carried out a baseline survey in Mukono district, the survey was carried out in two sub-counties of Nama and Kyampisi.

The purpose of this baseline was to establish the status of energy saving stove use, find out the type of energy stove preference, assess the average cost of firewood used per household in a month, establish the knowledge and application of solar energy technologies in the area, assess the documented knowledge, ability and assess the need for tree nurseries in the project area.


On the 18th to 20th February 2014, 6 JEEP staff carried out a baseline survey in the district of Kasese and introduced the KAL project to the district leaders there. The baseline was conducted in the subcounty of Munkunyu and a few from Rukoki. On the 18th, the team held a meeting with the Right Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Noa Zaari of the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu (Kingdom of the Rwenzururu people). He welcomed us and appreciated the work of JEEP in carrying out renewable energy projects and rendering service to Kasese through lighting villages. He was happy to learn about the four year project that JEEP will render to communities in Kasese and he pledged his full support in this.

On the 19th, the team headed off to Munkunyu subcounty for the baseline survey well as some remained in Kasese district to meet the district officials. At Munkunyu, the team was introduced to the Senior Assistant Secretary (SAS) and the project was introduced to him as well as the purpose of the baseline survey. Here, local leaders were interviwed before heading off to interview the communities.

During the baseline study, Lene(on left) interviewed Hon. Ruth Kabanyoro (on Right) from the palace of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu in Kasese district


Up date March 2014



On the 19th – 21st of February, JEEP staff carried out a baseline study in Amuria district in Asamuk sub – county. 90 community members were interviewed concerning tree planting, solar energy and energy saving stoves, 63 men and 31 women. 5 entrepreneurs were interviewed concerning their interest in dealing with solar products and other energy saving equipments like charcoal stoves, hay baskets among others. JEEP visited Amuria  district headquarters and interviewed 5 district leaders on issues concerning climate change policies and mitigation. The leaders interviewed included; the District Environment Officer, Production Manager, Assistant Chief Administration Officer, Senior Assistant Secretary, Parish Chief, Asamuk sub county leaders.



JEEP carried out a basic line study in Kisoko Sub – county in Tororo district in the part of Uganda. The participants who interviewed were 70. The team visited the Non Government Organization Board in Tororo for registration and met the Residential District Commissioner who advised that the ongoing KAL project that JEEP is implementing would benefit the two regions within the Tororo district.

JEEP team interviewed the Environmental Officer and Inspector of Schools in the district who informed the team that since the government of Uganda is providing private and government secondary schools with solar and hydro energy, JEEP should consider providing solar energy to primary schools only. He advised that for the schools to obtain energy saving stoves, JEEP can make a selection from secondary and primary school.



On the 17th – 18th of March 2014, JEEP team travelled to Apac district located in the mid northern part of Uganda to carry out a baseline study. The purpose of the study was to assess the level of knowledge of the leaders and grassroots community residents on environmental issues and renewable energy sources with regard to tree planting, solar energy and energy saving stove. JEEP team interviewed 93 community members, 6 district/sub county leaders and 2 entrepreneurs were interviewed. The leaders interviewed were; Health Assistant, Agro – Forestry Officer and Sub – County Chief all from Abongomola sub county. The Deputy Chief Administration Officer, Agricultural Officer and District Environment Officer from Apac district were also interviewed.The Deputy Chief Administration Officer applauded JEEP for the sustainable KAL project that will be implemented in Apac since the district is susceptible to wanton floods which continuously degrade the environmental.


Up date May 2014


The District leader’s and NGO/CBO seminar took place on the 15th -16th May 2014 at the Kyemba Sande Garden Hotel in Kamuli district. Kamuli is one of the 9 districts that the KAL project is operating in under the leadership of JEEP. The goal of the leader’s seminar was to educate, advocate for the benefits of renewable energy and lobby influential leaders in the district to fight the adverse impacts of climate change.  The Residential District Commissioner (MR. Sentongo), officially opened the seminar and he appreciated the vision of JEEP of having a ‘safe environment for a sure future’.

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer thanked JEEP for including Kamuli District into the 4 year KAL project.

The LC 5 Chair person, Honourable Proscovia Salaam Musumba who graced the seminar donated 15,000 tree seedlings for the Kamuli community to boost tree planting. In the NGO leaders seminar, the vice chair person urged JEEP to spread awareness about the environmental conservation  and renewable energy to schools since students are the best ambassadors.

The JEEP CEO (Ruth Kiwanuka) thanked all the district officials for participating in both seminars.


District leaders seminar in Kamuli

District leaders gather around the green table to learn about JEEP Solar technologies

ARUA District

The District leader’s and NGO, CBO seminar took place on the 20st – 22nd May 2014, at Christthe King Church seminar hall in Arua district. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Residential District Commissioner (RDC) and other significant leaders graced the KAL seminar.

The CAO officially opened the workshop, welcomed all participants to learn about environmental conservation – renewable energy technologies organized by JEEP and he emphasized that out of 112 districts in Uganda, 8 have lost their ecosystem and that the forest cover of 19 districts is reduced yearly by 1% leading to reduction in plant – animal species and habitats.

He urged the governments, development partners and civil society organizations to a greater call to conserve the environment with varying changes in climate. He advised that it is in the interest of all to manage the environment because it affects everyone and encouraged Arua collaboration with JEEP in managing the environment.

In Arua district, one of the actions taken by the leaders was organizing and celebrating the World Environment Day – WED (June 5th 2014) in a bid to raise their voices to save Arua’s fragile ecosystems. During the WED event, grassroots communities were educated about renewable energy and the importance of conserving the environment.

KAL Seminar for NGO, CBO and organized groups in Arua District

Leaders seminar awareness – Kevine Ssebina introducing JEEP and KAL to

Arua influential leaders



KAL seminar took place between 21st -22nd May, 2014 in Mpigi district for District Leaders, CSOs, NGOs and Organized group meeting held under the theme: Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for the benefits of Renewable Energy and Climate change mitigation in Uganda. The KAL project 2014 encouraged the commitment of enthusiastic influential leaders willing to collaborate with JEEP in creating environmental awareness in their areas of influence.

Participants who attended the KAL project in Mpigi District

KAL Leaders seminar in Mpigi District. The CEO – Ruth Kiwanuka introducing

KAL project and lobbying for district leaders to commit to the on – going

project in the district




The District leader’s and NGO/CBO seminar took place on the 26th – 27th May 2014 at Virina Hotel in Kasese district. The KAL seminar for organized groups, NGOs, and Religious leaders in Kasese district took place and it was Officially opened by Hon. Luusi the minister of Gender in the Obwenzururu kingdom representing the Prime Minister. She calls for a formal partnership with JEEP and the Rwenzururu Kingdom. The leaders seminar was officially opened by Minister for Gender – Honourable Ruth (Luusi) Kabanyoro of the Rwenzururu Kingdom (Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu), who welcomed all participants for attending the seminar and for the past projects JEEP carried out in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), through working with households in constructing energy saving stoves, tree planting, providing solar lamps replacing kerosene which produces poisonous fumes and installing solar in institutions of learning.  Hon. Ruth expressed her gratitude to JEEP for selecting Kasese since the district has suffered from wanton floods and landslides.

In all the KAL leaders’ seminars for District – NGO/organized groups, sustainable environmental plans of action were documented with time schedules. As one of the action plans, the M.O.U. – Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between JEEP and the Rwenzururu Kingdom – (Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu), stipulating the framework for collaboration aimed at achieving environmental conservation and management practices in Kasese.

Leaders seminar in Kasese District – Honourable Ruth officially opened the seminar

Presentation by JEEP staff – Thomas creating awareness about the importance

of environmental laws to the District leaders in Kasese District

Up date July 2014


KAL Seminar for leaders of non-profit sectors, community based organizations and organized groups in Kalangala District

The leader’s seminar took place on the 15 July 2017 commencing with prayer followed by the national anthem and self introduction of participants at 10:45 AM.


District Leaders Seminar in Kalangala

The District leader’s seminar took place on the 16 July 2017 and it began at 12:00 o’clock with prayer, self introduction for all participants. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) welcomed JEEP and thanked participants for attending the seminar. The chairperson officially opened the seminar and JEEP presenters elaborated about the significance of the project in their community.

During discussions, the importance of environmental laws, ordinances and by – laws were presented which stirred up an assessment of the existence of the district environment committees, roles of the district councils and how they were operating with NEMA (National Environmental Management Authority) in implementing environmental policies. JEEP advised the leaders to promote the dissemination of environmental information through education and outreach programmes and create action plans for the way forward for application of modern renewable energy from the current 17% to 61% of the total energy consumption by 2017. Participants discussed the way forward and RDC thanked participants for participating in the seminar to which he closed the seminar.

JEEP team and the district leaders of Kalangala during the KAL seminar 



The seminar took place on the 23rd July 2014 and in the opening remarks of Mr. Othieno Oburu, he said that with his leadership role and partnerships he has created with diverse sectors; environment, health, agriculture, human rights, he was enthusiastic about JEEP joining their struggle to protect the environment. Having learned about the justification for establishing JEEP, he confessed that together with his family, the big forest in his neighbour hood in Osiya village was destroyed because of the urge to sell firewood and earn income to cater for the educational needs of his children.

Tororo community thanked JEEP for including their district in the project and pledged their support. In conclusion, Bassie Modestar referred participants to JEEP’s vision which states ‘’that Save the environment for sure future’’ implying we think about saving the environment for our children’s future.

KAL seminar in Tororo – Mrs Ssebina (Head of JEEP programmes) addressing participants


Tororo District Leaders Seminar

The seminar took place on the 24th July 2014 with prayer followed by self introduction by all participants. On behalf of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Assistant CAO officially opened the seminar by welcoming JEEP and declaring to participants that it is the duty of the government and the district to provide support to community residents.


KAL seminar in Mukono for non-profit organization and organized groups

The leader’s seminar for non-profit, community based organization and all organized groups took place on the 21 July 2017, at Jobiah Hotel in Mukono district.

The seminar was officially closed by the Buganda Youth Representative Kizito Kayiira who thanked the participants for attending and told the seminar how Mukono had already planted 1 million trees. He advised the participants to work hard in accomplishing the plans they promised to accomplish as ways forward for their district. He thanked JEEP for including Mukono district in the KAL project and pledged to partner with JEEP.

Mukono District Leaders Seminar

On the 29th July 2014, the Mukono District Speaker officially opened the leader’s seminar at Jobiah hotel at 11:00 AM

Leaders were motivated to create awareness about the dangers of kerosene, the advantages of solar light, tree planting and energy saving stoves.

The leaders agreed to sensitize the communities about environmental issues and this would be done through innovative ways like; organizing drama, music, creative arts on environmental issues in schools so that this information is passed to the community from pupils to parents. The leaders also agreed that with the formation of the district environment committee, the finance department would allocate finances for sensitization programmes in the future.

Up date August 2014

Green Enterprise Promotion through KAL

One of the fundamental KAL project objectives is to promote green enterprises through creating awareness green sustainable opportunities with regard to renewable energy sources/technologies in the 9 districts: Arua, Apac, Amuria, Tororo, Kalangala, Kamuli, Kasese, Mukono and Mpigi.

By the end of August 2014, JEEP registered 9 contact entrepreneurs in some of the project areas in Amuria, Apac, Kasese, Arua, Kamuli and Tororo has registered 9 contact persons during the awareness seminars for non – profits sectors, community based organizations, religious leaders, traditional leaders and organised groups. These entrepreneurs are interested in setting up green enterprises for easy access of renewable energy products and technologies in their communities with regard to solar, energy saving stoves, hay basket, water filters and tree seedlings etc. Some entrepreneurs have bought solar lamps, water filters and charcoal stoves to begin their community projects

JEEP staff elaborates to non-profit sector leaders interested in learning how the water filter works and all the other solar technologies, products etc displayed on the table after the KAL seminar in Apac district in August


The leader’s seminar for non – profit organizations, community based organizations, religious leaders and all organized groups took place on the 5 August 2014. The Natural Resource Officer thanked the JEEP team for organizing the climate change – environmental seminar in Apac district to equip leaders with knowledge to mitigate climate change because community residents are cutting and selling charcoal. He notified participants that solar energy is still inaccessible and lack of electricity is still a huge problem. He told the participants that 100% of households use biomass and three stone stoves which wastes loads of fire wood.


Therefore, he urged all leaders to use the knowledge that JEEP will equip them with to implement renewable energy projects in Apac community



The District leader’s seminar was conducted on the on the 06 August 2014 in Apac district offices. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) welcomed JEEP team and all the participants to Apac. The CAO emphasized the importance of conserving the environment especially wetlands which are vulnerable resources in the district.

JEEP team and the district leaders of Apac after conducting the KAL seminar in August




NGOS/CBOS/Organized Group Seminar

The KAL seminar for district leaders, non – profit and community based organizations, religious leaders and all organized groups took place on the 7 August 2014 with prayer, self introduction of all participants.

During the leader’s seminar, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) discussed the importance of conserving the environment especially wetlands. He thanked JEEP for their past intervention in supporting institutions with solar lights and renewable technology in Amuria district. He notified participants that Amuria has planted over 12,000 tree species, 3000 tree nursery beds with wetland ordinances established. He urged JEEP to support Amuria district to respond in a positive way to environmental degradation.

 KAL motivated the district leaders in Amuria to share the approach they will be using to ensure that they contribute towards the achievement of 61% national renewable energy consumption in the overall government policy by 2017



The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy is a non-profit, independent, organization that provides research, development of technology, training and information for the manufacture, industrial innovation and implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy savings in Denmark and throughout the world. Folkecenter intends to achieve measurable increases in the utilization of renewable energy technologies and thereby significant reductions in environmental pollution associated with energy use in Denmark and elsewhere. - Visit Website