Month: March 2013

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Local electricians training – 20th March 2013

JEEP has finalized the training of new solar local electricians from 3 districts. These districts include Arua, Amuria and Kasese. The participants were introduced to solar energy as well as management and maintenance of these systems. Emphasis was placed on the role of the local electricians to manage and maintain the solar systems at their…
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Refresher training of Contact persons

JEEP conducted a refresher training of Contact persons on 13th/03/2013. They received training on financial management, record keeping, profit & loss, income &expenditure, savings, costing & pricing, selling on credit and how to make business successful in the Tree & Solar planting project and other projects of JEEP. They were encouraged to perform to their…
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Refresher Training for Tree Nursery Attendants

Tree nursery attendants from seven districts under Tree Solar project received training at JEEP folkecenter from 06th to 07th /03/2013. JEEP trained them about different  topics which included; Site selection of a nursery, Timing, Diseases and pest control, Labelling, Knowing the species, Preferred species, Grafting, Budding, Pruning, Objectives of seed procurement, Seed collection selection. Practicals…
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Our first shop for energy saving products is open!

Monday 04/March/2013 opened our new shop for energy saving products in Wabutungulu, district Luwero. We started this project together with our partner Aneri Patel from ENVenture in Washington. Now the people in this district have a access to energy saving products and can buy, water filter, solarlamps, energy saving stoves and more. We trained the…
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JEEP & ENVenture energy saving shop

Beginning in 2007, when JEEP’s staff received a solar training by experts of the Nordic folkecenter and Mali folkecenter, JEEP’s solar projects in Uganda have been highly successful. One of the first villages to be included in one of those projects was Wabutungulu in Luwero District. A solar run phone charging shop for the local community…
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