JEEP Bids Farewell to Markus

Markus Espeter has completed his volunteering program at JEEP. Markus joined JEEP under the Artefact Solivol program and has worked with JEEP for a year. During his stay, Markus has helped re build the JEEP website, engaged in marketing JEEP, trained staff in computer skills among others. The C.E.O thanked Read more…

Students from Copanhagen visit JEEP FC

Public health students from the University of Copenhagen from Denmark visited JEEP folkecenter on 16th August 2012.The students were exposed to the different technologies that JEEP is promoting and how they impact on people’s health. During the visit, the students had a guided tour around the center, during this session Read more…

Cleaner Cookstoves in Uganda

In his home area Mukono, our technician Confrio Nsubuga faces the same problems as we do all over the country of Uganda: Getting individuals to change their behaviour for the good of the planet can be a hard sell, for instance when its about the good old practices of cooking. Ari Daniel Shapiro, an Read more…

Solar & Tree Planting Project

The Nordic Folkecenter for renewable energy working in partnership with Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) has continued to support the implementation of the solar and tree planting project in the selected 7 districts of Uganda.

During this period, JEEP conducted a follow up on the tree nursery leaders and solar systems to continue encouraging nursery leaders by giving them on spot advice and further training and remind them of the project objectives to be attained and to follow up on the solar systems to assess how the systems are benefiting the schools, fix technical problems if any and advice on the management and use of the systems.

The exercise involved observations, interviews and discussions with farmers as a tool for relevant data collection and on spot correction of mistakes. (more…)

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