Stove building powered by Seniors w/o Borders

Environmental NGO in Uganda

Stove building powered by Seniors w/o Borders

Uganda’s energy sector is dominated by three sources – biomass, oil and electricity representing about 93%, 6% and 1% of the national energy balance respectively ( Ministry of Energy and Development, 2005).

Biomass particularly wood fuel remains the main source of energy inUganda. It accounts for respectively 85% and 3% of rural and urban energy sources. At industrial and commercial levels, biomass accounts for 6% and 4% respectively. The over reliance on biomass energy has contributed to rapid depletion of trees and hence environmenta
l degradation.

Besides, the combustion of biomass at household, industrial and institutional levels is largely done using inefficient technologies while the energy demand is continuously growing. The measures taken to attain sustainable utilization seem to be unproportional resulting into incidences of environmental degradation and power rationingEnergy crisis has been a common problem, realized in Uganda due to various factors like cutting down of trees, bush burning, Soil erosion, over grazing leading to prolonged draughts hence climate change . It’s for this reason that Seniors Without Borders collaborated with JEEP to train the farmers as TOTs in energy saving stoves (Rocket Lorena and Shielded rocket) to help on the issue of combating down on the high rate of deforestations. The TOTs will act as ambassadors of energy conservation in disseminating the technology attained. To have a greenUganda, with an environmentally safe and clean habitant for the present and future generations, the following is what transpired during the training.

During the training session carried out by JEEP on 7th – 11th November 2011. JEEP trained 79 outstanding trainees who will carry on training other farmers in future.

The planned number to be trained had been 15 but 79 turned up for the training.