Solar Energy Projects

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Solar Energy Projects

JEEP provides solar consultancy services to clients in Luwero, Arua, Tororo

Solar Project –  Nyakol & GwaragwaraVillage

Local people selling their produce at night with the aid of a central light. They do not have to use kerosene lamps any more and work for longer hours

Nyakol and Gwaragwara are found in Eastern Uganda near the Kenya Uganda border. Despite the fact that electricity is exported to Kenya, these communities have not got a chance to access it. They therefore resort to available means like using kerosene lamps for light and moving long distances to charge their phones.

With JEEP’s intervation, six solar systems were installed in these two villages. Two phone charging systems, two central light systems and two light systems in two schools.

The systems are taken care of the solar committees and the local electricians take care of basic maintenance work. The solar committee members were selected by the local residents


Solar Project Ochoko Vilalge

The JEEP team checking the D.C fridge installed at Ajia health centre during a follow up visit. The fridge is used to store drugs at the centre.

Ochoko village is found in the west Nile region, northern part of Uganda. The region has limited power supply. The electricity is used by people around Arua town and it used for limited hours usually from 10 am to 11pm. This leaves the people in the local communities with no hope of electricity.

JEEP’s solar project has brought three solar systems in this area. A refrigerator system at Ajia health center, light at modern secondary school and a phone charging at Ajia trading center. The systems have already made an impact, for example the fridge at Ajia has ensured continuous admission of vaccines.

Residents no longer move for more than 12 kms to get there phones charged.


Solar Project – Wobutungulu Village

Solar Energy - Wobutungulu Village

Wobutungulu village is approximately 65 Kms from Kampala. Despite the proximity to Kampala, the area is not connected to main power grid. JEEP has installed four solar systems in this area. Battery charging, Lantern charging, phone charging and a central light system.

The system has been of great importance to the community, for example before the inception of solar, residents used to move for 11 Kms to get there phones charged but now phone charging services can be accessed with ease. On average, 25 phones are charged daily.

Introduction of solar lanterns has been another interesting idea to the local residents as they have sized to use the paraffin lanterns.