SEED – Small Solutions Energy Enterprise Development

Environmental NGO in Uganda

SEED – Small Solutions Energy Enterprise Development

Potential entrepreneurs checking out the Sun King solar lamp

Access to electricity in Uganda is limited for most of the population. The Ugandan census of 2002 reported that 7.7% of households used electricity for lighting (37% of urban households and 2.6% of rural households) this was up from 5.6% in 1991. In contrast, 74.8% of households (33.3% of urban and 88.2% of rural) were using “tadooba”, a form of paraffin candle, for lighting

Fuel-based lighting is a costly and inefficient lighting option, and often consuming between 10 to15 per cent of annual income, forcing the poorest families to divert essential funds away from other critical needs such as children’s education, family health care and nutrition.
Fuel-based lighting also induces significant environmental and social costs, contributing to increases in greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air pollution, impairing human health, jeopardizing safety, and limiting overall productivity.


Nakasongola district is located along Lake Kyoga shores. Main economic activities are cattle keeping, charcoal burning and fishing. Its estimated that 80% of the area is off grid were by all the fisher men Nakasongola use the small kerosene lamps when fishing at night they also use firewood and charcoal on uninsulated charcoal stoves and simple energy mud stoves

It is for this reason that Joint energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) partnered with Small Solution Technology consultants LtdĀ  to increase availability of sustainable, affordable and appropriate renewable Energy Products (solar lamps) and services to energy impoverished communities living in rural and peri urban areas of Uganda



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