Our Staff

JEEP has an executive board of seven members which serve a three year term. The day to day activities are managed by the  Chief Executive Officer and Head of Program. JEEP has 25  contact persons in each district of operation.

Staff list:

  • Ruth N. Kiwanuka (CEO)
  • Kevine Ssebina (Head of Program/ Asst. CEO)
  • Martin Mukasa (Engineer ) Not in the photo
  • Paul Muganga (Chief Accountant)
  • Prossy Nabiyonga  (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)
  • Fred Mutumba (Grant/ Resource Acquisition Officer)
  • Racheal N. Turyamuhebwa (Assistant Grant/ Resource Acquisition Officer)
  • Confrio Nsubuga (General Technician)
  • Thomas  Bakyayita (Advocacy Officer)Not in the Photo
  • Esau Mugabi (Centre Custodian)
  • David Walimbwa (Driver / Technician)
  • Philipp Wienecke (Artefact Volunteer)
  • Ronald Kiwanuka  (Assistant Forestry Officer)
  • Ntege Edrisa (Program Assistant/ Youth Mobilizer)
  • Susan Galimaka (Local Volunteer) Not in the Photo
  • Eve Mayanja ( Practical Helper)
  • Lawerence  Onyango  (Green Enterprise Volunteer- Luwero district)
  • Katerega James  (Green Enterprise Volunteer- Wabutungulu/Luwero district)

JEEP has ambassadors outside Uganda who are committed to JEEP’s work and representing JEEP beyond Uganda.
You can contact or meet up with them or inquire for more information about JEEP.

  • Lene Hogh – Denmark
  • Catherine Kärnbo – Sweden
  • Emily Were Sebalamu – Germany
  • Jessica Smith Groove- Germany